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Dramatic images from the iMedia Brand Summit

Jennifer Marlo
Dramatic images from the iMedia Brand Summit Jennifer Marlo
The first evening of the 2012 iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, Calif. was warm and slightly overcast.

Attendees trickled in all day and some, no doubt, enjoyed the glorious pool.

(Out of respect for the swimsuit-conscious, I avoid human subjects in my pool shots.)

Before show-time I enjoyed a strong brew from my personal in-room coffee maker. I am such a sucker for great hotel perks like this.

As iMedia tradition has it, dinner was served al-fresco.

A ridiculously beautiful Sunset marked the naissance of cocktail hour.

Jennifer Marlo

Jennifer received her BFA from UC Santa Barbara and MFA from CALARTS in 2006. Post graduation, Jennifer segued into freelance writing, focusing on various topics such as arts, entertainment, travel, and tourism. Jennifer is a native Los Angelean...

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