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Simplifying Your LinkedIn Company Page Strategy in Four Easy Steps

Simplifying Your LinkedIn Company Page Strategy in Four Easy Steps 38925
Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page? If you do, good on you! If you don’t, well, why not? LinkedIn Company Pages are a marketing must-have for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. When it comes to LinkedIn, it’s no longer solely about recruiting. There are bigger fish to fry, a vast pool of engaged fish online that are looking to be trafficked to your site. Any by doing these four things to your LinkedIn Company Page, chances are good that you’ll begin seeing results.

#1 – Make Your Content Better

Adding content to your LinkedIn Company page will not only make it more engaging, it will drive traffic to your site. The more, the better. I’m talking blogs, thought leadership articles, webinars, case studies, etc. After all, traffic to your site could drive conversions. Isn’t that what you’re aiming for?  

#2 – Don’t Go It Alone. Go It With a LinkedIn Group

Starting a business-related or non-business related LinkedIn Group is a great way to establish and build relationships with clients and customers. Often times, the non-business group does more to grow your brand. It shows that you are an actual well-rounded human that has more to offer society than financial charts, marketing estimates, or ROI forecasts. Popular groups bring traffic. Traffic drives leads.

#3 – Are You Leveraging LinkedIn Company Updates?

Please get this through your head. Your business partners and potential customers do not know all there is to know about your company. In fact, they probably aren’t straining themselves to learn. That’s on you. That’s why LinkedIn Company Updates should be your friend. Sending out one or two updates a day will keep your followers in tune with company happenings. Updates are also a great way to share relevant, engaging content. Not to beat a dead horse but engaging content drives traffic. You get the idea.

#4 – Do Your Analytical Homework

Guess what? Analytics aren’t for socially inept nerds anymore. Well, they can be but they are also for super cool folks like you. And on LinkedIn, the metrics of your social strategy are easy to access. LinkedIn provides admins with informative analytics that delve into new and unique page visits, site views, and promotional banners. Additionally, admins can also glimpse the companies frequenting the network. Knowledge is power. It will enable your content team to improve upon what they are doing and revisit pages that are underperforming.

Making your LinkedIn Company Page the best it can be need not be a huge undertaking. But it should be a priority. It will elevate your online presence, help you form new business relationships, drive prospects and clients to your site, and bolster traffic. With LinkedIn Company Pages, you will get linked into leads. Yes, bad pun intended.


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