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What works in rich media mobile advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

What works in rich media mobile advertising [INFOGRAPHIC] Matevz Klanjsek
As all advertising, mobile advertising is all about achieving the desired marketing goals, however simple they might be. You might want the consumers to browse your products, to watch your promo video, to find your store, or to simply just go to your Facebook page where they will learn more about you. But which one of these really works in mobile ads and which one works best? Celtra’s Quarterly Mobile Rich Media Monitor offers some useful insight into the performance of various ad experiences and features and aims to serve as a helpul guide for designing effective rich media mobile ads.

Key learnings

The most popular ad features across all four researched industry verticals (Auto, Retail, Entertainment and Finance) are still video and direct response, which are used in more than a half of all ads. They are both also very engaging – more than 10% of users who entered the ad experience watched the video.

Each vertical has its own best-performing feature: car dealership locator works best in Auto, product catalog in Retail, gaming features in Entertainment, and ATM/bank locator in Finance.

Social media is extremely effective across all verticals. Users love to share branded content from the ads both on Facebook (8.7%) and Twitter (12.6%). The newer social media services, such as Instagram, are even more engaging – more than 20% of users clicked through to Instagram app.

Overall, rich media ads are proving to be exceptionally engaging form of advertising with average engagement rates in the double-digits (12.8%).

The future is rich

As mobile advertising ecosystem is entering a mature phase, rich media ads are becoming much more sophisticated and elaborate. While including video is still the first and obvious choice for most brands, they are increasingly leveraging advanced mobile capabilities and ad features, such as location-based services, social media and gaming elements. When designed well and used in the right context, these features drive significantly higher ad performance and create much bigger value for advertisers than traditional static “click-to-site” mobile banners.

Matevz is a co-founder and chief product officer at Celtra. He is a pioneer in mobile advertising having conceived and built some of the most innovative solutions in the industry and developed many groundbreaking ad products with partners such as...

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