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3 simple green marketing strategies

3 simple green marketing strategies Debra Johnson
The success of your business may depend on your marketing prowess. For a small business or a new upstart, a marketing strategy may be restricted to your budget. For those who are conscientious of the environment, there are strategies that can be cost effective without increasing your company's carbon footprint. These are strategies that incorporates digital media in order to draw attention to the company without spending money at a printing press for flyers, brochures, or pamphlets that may do more for the negative impact on the environment than benefit your business.

1. Ad Flyers - If you want to assist in living greener, you want to reduce your dependence on paper-related advertising. Although flyers on windshields of cars in a parking lot can get your business name out there in less than an afternoon to possibly hundreds of potential clients, there is a very good chance those flyers will be found as litter in a variety of places around town.

Getting your business set up in Google Places or the like will do nearly as much good for less of an investment. Mobile devices are usually tailored to provide local search results to those who use them. By providing an influence on the Internet for your specific locale, those who search for your specific business services will find you just as easily as using the flyer.

2. Newspaper Articles - Although many are saddened by the declination of hard-copy newspapers, the online presence can do just as much good. Many newspapers will find themselves on the chewing-end of a dog in the yard while others are used as kindling in the fireplace. The paper wasted is still incredibly high even with recycling bins strategically placed around town.

Social media sites can provide the same local coverage as the newspaper by printing off a single sheet. A Facebook account for your business has an area for "location." Periodically, Facebook will promote your profile to those within the area. By providing constant updates to your profile for public viewing, you can share the same information you could using the newspaper. The printed sheet mentioned earlier is an advertisement telling your walk-in customers to visit your Facebook profile.

3. Promotional Discounts - Discounts and coupons flood mailboxes on a regular basis. Although many of these have decreased in frequency due to email, there is still much to be said about offering discounts. However, you want to reduce your dependence on paper and ink.

Including a link to your website within the receipts and invoices you give to customers can advise them about promotional codes and coupons available at your physical location. Before the customer leaves, quickly inform them that registering for the newsletter on your company's website could have coupons, discounts, and more emailed to them directly. The practice of using newsletters through email will help your company in a variety of ways including traffic generation of your website which could have additional methods of income from services like Adsense or affiliate banners.

It takes more for the success of the business than simply setting it up and crossing your fingers hoping someone will get curious enough to come in and visit you. Thanks to the technology developed for the Internet, you have an opportunity to improve your online and offline business without having to use paper or a single drop of ink. Make the most out of the tools that are available and you will succeed.

About the Author:

This guest post is contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of www.liveinnanny.com. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: - jdebra84 @ gmail.com.


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