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5 Companies to Watch from ad:tech SF 2013

5 Companies to Watch from ad:tech SF 2013 Sean X
AdTech is brimming with technology that is useful to brands, and some not so useful (or at least I have not figured out how they could be useful.) And then, there are those other companies, that have a tech with so much promise for reaching consumers in unique and new ways that I am salivating at the prospect of using them.

Here are 5 companies that stood out to me at AdTech 2013.

Blab blabpredicts.com

We know that those of us in marketing and advertising who want to connect with our brands consumers love social media, and yet, compliance departments within major corporations fear it. Oh those poor fear mongers, they'll never know what hit them. But what if you could find out what will be trending in the next 72 hours? What will become the next big meme online? And then plan for it? Blab shows where conversations will be going in the next 72 hours. They surface 60-80 million simultaneous conversations from over 50,000 sources, and then categorize and classify them to make them relevant for brands buying media. Understand today what tomorrow conversations are going to be and get ahead of the trend.

IMRSV imrsv.com imrsvads.com

The Internets is great, but how do we better use technology in the real world? You know, the world where people actually walk into stores and buy things.... physically, in person, live. Online we know who are customers are. We have such complete profiles of them due to their behaviors that we forget in the real world most companies do not know who is walking through their doors. Are they 70, or 15? male or female? What race? IMRSVs Cara technology installs a web cam and then uses Face Detection to deliver over 90% accuracy in determining just who is walking through your door. This IS NOT Face Recognition. They do not know that I, am ME. However, they can determine with a 90% accuracy that I am a white male between 38-48. And this data would be a boon for providing a reality check for stores.

Qnary qnary.com

Everyone has a digital footprint. Where we have been. Who we are online. We leave breadcrumbs all over the place. How we post, what we post about, our blog, company, Facebook, Tweets, blah blah blah... How do you get a handle on all of it? And how are you represented by all of that? Qnary is the company that makes your online persona work for you. You optimize what you look like in social platforms, are alerted to changes in how when someone searches for you you are represented. And NOW they do this for companies and brands. Check them out.

Question Mine questionmine.com

Is an interactive video system. It is a video hosting platform. "Uh yeah, so is YouTube" you may mutter to yourself. Ah, but you can not only track within Question Mine but you can put a CTA within the video. You can asks questions within your video. You can have Lead capture forms within your video. Capture leads, then take all the information you gather and then you can export to CRM. This is where their new integration with Kentico comes into play. With this new integration you can customize the content on your website dynamically from peoples responses and actions within a video served by Question Mine that led them there.

Retargeter retargeter.com

For the digital media creative, and the brands they work for, it is difficult to integrate your social media efforts (and their prolific use of short tags) into your other digital media buys. Retargeter has a "short tag" technology that solves this problem. Their short-tag technology allows you to retarget to anyone who has clicked on one of your ever prevalent social media short-tags with display advertising, thus completing the circle between the social conversation space, and the display advertising purchase conversion and branding world.

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