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Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014

Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2014 Merlyn Gordon
1. Going “old school” to create a consistent customer experience

  • There is a growing imperative for brands to deliver consistent Customer Experiences across all of their online properties and digital channels and this will have brands embracing historically esoteric concepts such as the Customer Journey.

  • Brands will begin to embrace Journey Mapping and related frameworks to document and identify how their customers engage through different stages in their journey (search, react, evaluate, decide, and convert) in order to direct sunlight into pathways fraught with blind-spots and incomplete pictures of engagement.

2. Design will be a verb

  • Marketers will embrace Design as a verb (in addition to a noun) as they map their customers' journeys across all brand touch-points.

  • Once customer journeys are better understood, brands will begin to design optimized experiences specific to channel, device, and audience segment.

3. A segment of one takes on new meaning

  • Brands will finally be able to understand a segment of one like never before possible.

  • As a result of the opportunity to now have a complete view of a customer (past and in-the-now engagement), experiences tailored to an individual will mature beyond basic personalization. Personalized experiences will be designed with the context of the customer journey in mind.

4. What’s faster than real time?

  • Marketers will begin taking advantage of new capabilities that enable them to act on insights in the very moment they need to act.

  • Time has always been a luxury in short supply for marketers. With maturing Big Data platforms and streaming data capabilities, marketers will be able to reduce the costs, risks, and time to market of their online initiatives and campaigns.

5. Better data leads to better optimization

  • Optimizing online marketing campaign spend through the use of hard metrics such as sales, revenue, lifetime value, and cost of acquisition will continue to play a significant role in justifying investments.

  • Hard metrics will be programmatically baked into testing and targeting strategies, with new technologies able to ingest pre-defined outcomes, and execute against these objectives.

Merlyn Gordon serves as the director of product marketing for Webtrends. He has spent his career helping leading global brands succeed with digital marketing and customer experience initiatives, as well as brand and messaging strategies. He is...

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