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Exclusive video: CES innovations that will blow your mind

Exclusive video: CES innovations that will blow your mind David Zaleski

As the Vice President of Emerging Media at 360i, David Berkowitz is no stranger to new technologies changing the way consumers interact with brands. But even this year's Consumer Electronics Show was full of unexpected surprises. Hundreds of big names like Samsung and Qualcomm showed off their latest technologies and never before seen devices to a crowd of thousands, including special speakers Danny DeVito and former President Bill Clinton.

The big question is, how are consumers adopting these innovations and what does this mean for marketers? It's tempting to take advice from everyone when it comes to understanding new digital trends. David Berkowitz has a different approach. According to him, you need to understand what does not matter, as much as what does. Only when you are aware of the shiny objects you can ignore, will you be better equipped to do your job as a digital marketer more effectively in this emerging landscape.

David recently attended CES 2013, with any eye fixed toward finding the game-changing innovations that marketers need to know. By researching current digital trends and seeking out new technologies that will empower them to grow, he discovered some unprecedented devices that will define the future of the digital environment. David brought his footage back to share with the iMedia Brand Summit community on day two of the event.

Join David in this exclusive video as he explores the floor at CES and shows us some amazing innovations that will shape the digital marketing landscape. From smart cars, to internet refrigerators, David gives us an intimate look at the future of technology and how it will change the way you do business. You wont believe some of the things he discovered.

David Zaleski is the Media Production Supervisor for iMedia Communications, Inc. and Comexposium USA. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Film & Television Production, specializing in editing, animation, and...

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