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How to Work Smarter on Your iPhone

How to Work Smarter on Your iPhone iMedia Editors
Sometimes learning how to take advantage of all the features on your cell phone can be daunting task, particularly if you use one of the world’s leading smartphones: the Apple iPhone.

Since the iPhone’s release 2007, Apple has been leading the way in ensuring that its product remains consistently up-to-date and chock-full of quality apps that help optimize your life. Here are a few apps and tips that will have you working smarter on your iPhone in no time!


Optimize Your Actions: In addition to Apple’s own suite of applications that comes with your iPhone, other companies, such as Google, offer similar apps to help optimize your actions via the App Store. Google Voice is a good alternative to Apple’s Visual Voicemail, as it transcribes received voicemail into text so that you may never have to listen to another multiple minute message ever again.

Keep a Record: The App Store on your iPhone certainly has no shortage of free and paid apps to help keep all of your records and reminders organized in one place. An excellent record-keeping app for you foodies out there who want to cherish the memories of your meals, Evernote Food is a great way to keep a record of all your culinary adventures.

Link to the Cloud: Linking your iPhone to the cloud is a smart way to have access to your important files and documents while on-the-go. In addition to Apple’s excellent cloud-storage solution, iCloud, Google and Dropbox also offer their own apps to help you in your quest to link your mobile life to the cloud.

Don’t Overlook the Camera: Now that the iPhone offers a built-in camera that can compete with several top-of-the-line digital cameras on the market, there’s little need anymore to lug an additional photo-taking device when you’re out and about. Camera+ is a great, fully-featured photography app that will have you taking photos with your iPhone like a pro in no time.

Make Money: Did you know that you can literally “work smarter” by making money with your iPhone? Businesses are beginning to realize the power of smartphones and crowdsourcing as a great way to cost-effectively get things done. Gigwalk is an innovative new app that allows you to review paid tasks offered by local businesses and complete them using your iPhone.

As you can see, knowing what your iPhone can do is a sure-fire way to organize your life, keep your memory in check, and perhaps more importantly, make some extra cash. This HackCollege.com video, along with the helpful apps mentioned above, are excellent resources to have on your quest to begin working smarter on your iPhone.

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