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Just Flip-It!

Nope, Nike's not changing its tagline, but maybe it is time we flip over our online engagement plans to the next level.

In 2012, Coke, a century old brand championing its belief 'pause that refreshes,' launched its most ambitious digital project till date, 'Refreshing its website for the digital century.' A rather visionary move to turn its Business Portal into a Consumer Magazine called Coca Cola Journey.

Envisioned to be a truly 'Immersive Brand Experience' this new refreshed Online Consumer Magazine with a steady base of 1.2 million unique visitors monthly promises users interactivity ranging from subjects of entertainment, environment, health and sports, interviews, blogs, videos, and much more.

The internet is personal again!

No pun intended, but the truth be told, when all brands were busy going social, the consumers were slowly turning anti-social, returning back to the good old-fashioned way of flipping through information, entertainment, and more only this time on their tablets and smartphones.

So, whilst Coke was the first mainstream visionary to buck-up this trend of 'Immersive Engagement,' it was initially evangelized by offline mainstream publications and other content immersive brands.

Oprah for Flipboard

Time Magazine iPad edition

IKEA Interactive Catalogue

Niche businesses like Madrid Swing Cats going the flip way

The Flipboard effect

From the times of Type, Tap, Touch, and now Flips one thing that has never made any money sense to a pragmatic marketer is the reporting of 'Millions & Billions' numbers of users.

However in this art of data jugglery one number that would really compels any hard-core marketer would be 86 minutes of average personal time spent 'indulging in Content.'

A number that establishes Flipboard a phenomenon rather than a passing fad, compelling all of us in the marketing fraternity to collectively think, now how should we crack this level of engagement?

'86 Minutes of Engagement' a challenge to all of us storytellers is something perhaps we were not prepared for while busy amassing our respective Brand Facebook Fans and likes.

This higher order level of engagement popularly known as 'Tablet Marketing' is something currently high-end luxury brands are trying to crack. But sooner than later all mainstream brands would feel compelled to get on with it. As Flipboard is the new search engine the world has started exploring their Internet with.

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