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Pics from the iMedia Brand Summit Super Bowl party

Jennifer Marlo
Pics from the iMedia Brand Summit Super Bowl party Jennifer Marlo
Who did you root for?

Marketers watched the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens duke it out on two massive screens in the  posh Ritz Carlton ballroom.

Luckily for us, everyone behaved themselves despite the surprising (and very entertaining) competitiveness  displayed by some.

The party kicked off the three day iMedia Brand Summit in Amelia Island, Fla. The summit -- hosted by Bob Thacker --  features the insights of superstar marketers from mega brands such as Macy's, Jack Daniels, Bath and Body Works, General Mills, and more. Be sure to check out my coverage of the event.

Now, for some eye candy:

Jennifer Marlo

Jennifer received her BFA from UC Santa Barbara and MFA from CALARTS in 2006. Post graduation, Jennifer segued into freelance writing, focusing on various topics such as arts, entertainment, travel, and tourism. Jennifer is a native Los Angelean...

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