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The Official @SEMpdx #SearchFest 2013 #SEM Conference Recap

The Official @SEMpdx #SearchFest 2013 #SEM Conference Recap Kent Lewis
I walked into the Governor Hotel lobby and it hit me immediately: SEMpdx SearchFest 2013 is the real deal. Having been a co-founder of the annual search engine marketing (SEM) conference in 2005, as well as co-founder of the SEM trade association, SEMpdx, I felt a good deal of nostalgia and pleasure in seeing 450 nametags sitting on the table. I also wasn’t surprised to see coverage in the Oregonian newspaper about the event, nor compliments from industry pundits like Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz and Marty Weintraub of aimClear about SearchFest being THE best regional SEM conference worldwide.

This year’s event was groundbreaking in a variety of ways: the highest number of attendees and revenue and attendees from the farthest corners of the planet. That being said, the quality of the presenters and material was the real gem. I’ve compiled a short list of tweet highlights that had the greatest impact to me personally.


@joannalord Take on the role of evangelist in your company. It's well worth it. #searchfest Ian Lurie ‏@portentint

@ruthburr How to impress the next generation: be agile, be delightful, be unexpected. Put smiles on faces. @melcarson #searchfest

Content Marketing:

@iPullRank says infographics with left floating share buttons get 45% more shares. #searchfest

@iPullRank Here's my #searchfest deck. Also here's my favorite idea from @portentint's tool pic.twitter.com/opbLlz2mwJ


Content is about experience, it's about people. It's a critical business asset. @jcolman #searchfest

"There is no such thing as content marketing, only marketable content." Ian Lurie @Portent #searchfest

@thenextcorner The link bundle, including slides, for my #searchfest presentation http://portent.co/searchfest13

More quality strategic posts instead of quantity posts - @Rhea #searchfest

@ajnissly Your content follows you around. It is who you are #Searchfest

@justinrbriggs My slide deck for #searchfest - http://slidesha.re/159iQWV  - Technical Hacks for Content Marketing

@justinrbriggs used Bootstrap to start building an infographic. If you can copy/paste, you have access to code. #searchfest

Content itself IS an experience:@jcolman of @REI #SearchFest


@number1george Great digital experience is how you get links and shares. Good design, good content, fast @RossHudgens #SearchFest

@aaranged Every additional second of load time reduces conversion by 7% @RossHudgens #SearchFest

@number1george People like the view all page more better than the pretty landers. #SearchFest

"90% of design is topography & color." Get those right & you can have beautiful content @justinrbriggs #searchfest

Technical SEO:

So much information, so many great ideas! Cant wait to start playing around with http://schema.org  a bit more! #searchfest

@jwmcphee "Rel=author tag has shown a 30-400% increase in CTR" @mdsimmonds #SearchFest

@jwmcphee "17% of all search results are showing author integrations." @mdsimmonds #SearchFest

Segment your XML Site Map to content topics and areas of your site. Get accurate data on indexation. #Searchfest @audette

Paid Search:

98% of shoppers abandon their purchase - increase conversions by 50-100% by bring them back @adamberke #searchfest #retargeting

28% of US ad impressions are on Facebook.... say whhhattt? Useful stat from @adamberke at #searchfest

FBX vs Standard Display Retargeting- CTR is 34% lower, CPM is 79% more efficient, CPC is 69% more efficient #searchfest


@jme_mcleod Assists in the funnel- volleyball analogy: social sets up the ball for paid/email/direct to spike the ball for the point (sale).#SearchFest

@mikecp: My slides for the Social Media Analytics session at #SearchFest http://slidesha.re/VB8exf

@dandelmain set up adjusted bounce rate via google analytics (15 seconds) to hedge against the infamous stat "bounce rate" @mikecp #searchfest https://twitter.com/trentcarlyle/status/305041216565817344/photo/1

Social Media:

"You don't just want to grow your #socialmedia presence, you want to build your business, relationships" via @rhea #searchfest #smm

@anvilmedia: Google+ is here whether we like it or not. Get on board or get left behind. via @mdsimmonds #SearchFest (TRUTH); so true!

@ruthburr Twitter cards documentation: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards  @jeffreypreston #searchfest

@ChristiJOlson Use Blog Search to monitor competitor giveaways and who they interact with. http://www.google.com/blogsearch  @RossHudgens #searchfest

@jwmcphee If you're optimizing for video remember that "video" is an important keyword. @mdsimmonds #SearchFest

@MsAshleyNoelle Consider the whole customer journey when measuring the ROI of social media - @MikeCP #searchfest

Facebook advertising isn't just for B2C. Use occupation targeting! It's "killer" #SearchFest

You can review more posts by searching on the #SearchFest hashtag.  Share your comments on what stood out for you and see you at SearchFest next year.

With a background in integrated marketing, Lewis left a public relations agency in 1996 to start his career in search engine marketing. Since then, he’s helped grow businesses by connecting his clients with their constituents via the...

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