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13 Predictions for the Digital World in 2013

13 Predictions for the Digital World in 2013 David Clarke

If the economy picks up in the beginning of the year, we can expect to see several progressive companies take some big digital risks in 2013 and spend the hordes of cash they have accrued.
To celebrate the New Year, we’ve made thirteen predictions for 2013 ranging from the fairly likely to the totally improbable.

    Company News We’re Looking Forward To Reading In 2013

  1. Apple: Apple buys Waze to replace its maps and finally offers social geotargeting

  2. Twitter: Twitter’s impact on social media becomes less relevant and Google buys the service for a bargain price

  3. Yahoo: Marissa Mayer packages up Yahoo and sells it to Microsoft

  4. Yelp: Google purchases Yelp after the company fails to earn significant profit

  5. Motorola: The release of the next great Android smart phone drives Motorola’s big comeback

  6. Google: Big moves in the tablet market give Google double-digit market share growth

  7. Foursquare: Facebook purchases Foursquare to continue to grow its social monopoly

  8. Leap Motion: Gesture controlled televisions render the Kinect outdated and make Minority Report-like interfaces a reality

  9. Probably Won’t Happen, But Would Be Interesting

  10. RIM: Google purchases RIM for its patent portfolio

  11. Barnes & Noble: Amazon buys Barnes & Noble and follows in Apple’s retail footsteps

  12. Apple: Steve Jobs’ spiritual successor, Jony Ive, becomes the new Apple CEO, while Tim Cook is happy to take over operations

  13. Don’t Hold Your Breath

  14. FedEx Kinko’s: FedEx Kinko’s offers 3D printing and it is immediately embraced by millions of consumers across a wide range of demographics

  15. Apple: The iPhone 6 closes the loop on the five senses with the release of revolutionary smell and taste technology

Whether or not any of these materialize, one thing is certain: We will definitely be seeing immense changes in the digital landscape in 2013. And if you buy stock based on any of our predictions, please know we’re only responsible for the wins.

David is the PwC Chief Experience Officer(CXO), a Principal in Digital Services and the Leader of the Experience Center. David combines the best of agency and consultancy to create ideal experiences that transform our world. Since 1996, David has...

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