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2013 Online Marketing Predictions

2013 Online Marketing Predictions Dinesh Boaz

Every January there is a sense of excitement and anticipation about what the coming year will bring.  In the case of the online advertising industry, a fast-moving and ever-changing industry, mobile, email, search and display will be the channels that I believe will see the most change in 2013.  Following are some of my predictions for 2013:

Mobile Marketing

While 2012 was a dynamic year for mobile marketing and the multi-screen user, 2013 will be the year that advertisers will embrace this medium.  Less focus will be placed on the existence of the multi-screen user and more attention will be placed on the different options that the multi-screen user presents to marketers.

Brands should be able to gain more insight into mobile devices users in 2013 as mobile device users will become more comfortable allowing brands to recognize their location, intent and preferences.  As a result push-pull mobile marketing will take place as the best brand apps and experiences will tie this information into their marketing campaigns in order to optimize conversions and connect with consumers.

Prospect Email

With more than half of all email opens occurring on mobile devices, I believe that Prospect Email will continue its rapid growth in 2013.  One change that we see for 2013 is the growth in the number of emails that will be designed using a responsive design or will be sent out using a mobile decision engine.  Responsive designs allow for optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices by using fluid proportion-based grids and flexible images.  A mobile decision engine is able to detect the device the recipient is using and will then deliver and display device specific creative that best targets the end user.  By doing so, advertisers will better be able to target and optimize their campaigns to customers no matter what device the consumer is accessing their email on.

Search Marketing and Display Advertising

Search and display will still remain two of the cornerstones of online marketing campaigns in 2013 however there will be a shift as advertisers will be spending more money in the mobile space.  Currently, the mobile search and mobile display space remains relative uncluttered and in 2013 I expect that  several brands will look to invest top dollars in this space in order to own the mobile consumer and differentiate themselves from their slow- to- adapt competitors.

As local advertising continues to explode with the rise in smartphone users, search and display will take center stage with their hyper-targeting abilities.  New tools will emerge to support these micro-targeted program and marketers will increasingly take a systematic approach adding coordinated multi-channel efforts including local mobile search marketing and display retargeting.

If one thing rings true for 2013, the mobile and digital marketing era continues.  With cross-channel marketing plans at the forefront, marketers will need to pay close attention to analytics, targeting and optimization this year as online campaigns remain a very effective marketing medium in 2013.

Dinesh Boaz co-founded Direct Agents in 2003 along with his brother Josh.  As an entrepreneur and visionary, Dinesh was committed to developing a company that provided the highest level of customer service and customized digital marketing...

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