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Content Strategy Trends to Watch in 2013: Video Everywhere

Content Strategy Trends to Watch in 2013: Video Everywhere Najwa Smith
Video EverywhereIn this age of busy multi-tasking, who wouldn’t rather watch content fly by dressed in nice visuals and/or cool music versus reading it line by line? Personally, I get more done, for myself and professionally, in my commute on the train to and from work by utilizing videos when handy to catch up on the latest tips, tools, shop, etc. From a content strategy perspective, there remains huge, untapped potential for video in digital experiences. For outside the box examples, look to e-tailers who are expanding the video envelope beyond viral videos, techie-guys-talking-shop videos, and webinars.

Along with adaptive web design, the improved use of video is a trend you can expect to see continue emerging in 2013. Who’s doing it well? Zappos, a personal favorite, has mastered the art of product description videos, using an in-house crew to model and mass-produce more than 100,000 videos (400 a day). They’ve found that video descriptions boost sales 10%. Don’t miss their video team’s FB page (yes, they’re that granular on FB – nice Content Strategy there) or their invite for UGC videos. The latest? They’ve launched ZapposTV. And customers can even launch their own Zappos channels.

Who’s making it possible? Sunday Sky is pioneering new automated video production techniques that translate text on a page into dynamic product videos (see it to believe it – especially on your phone). Home shopping was never so easy or engaging. Sunday Sky is also developing customer service videos that reduce call center utilization (see the demo here or an AT&T example). The videos appear to even give you better and more memorable information (reinforced because it’s visual) than a call center.

What this means for Content Strategists: Video at all levels of a site is now possible at cost-effective price points and production values. We need to test adding more relevant video content in the Buyer’s Journey and other key site areas to accelerate movement through purchase funnels. While e-tail markets take the lead here, B2B and B2C channels are taking action. After all, wouldn’t you want to see if the integration of compelling, targeted videos could boost the sale of products or services by 10% within your organization?

Who in your opinion is taking the art of persuasion, education or awareness to the limit by using video to improve their brand? And who, dare I ask, is sharing the metrics on improved results?

Najwa Smith is the Director of Content Strategy for Rosetta, driving the strategic vision for content within the creative teams. She is passionate about all things creative and the process by which we make each user experience engaging, memorable,...

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