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How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Viewing

How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Viewing Neil Spencer

There are over 80 million smartphones in circulation throughout the world. Which means we are truly entering an age of "always on" and "on-the-go." This new mobile explosion is changing the way we receive and interact with content, whether we're paying bills, answering emails, ordering food, checking our favorite sites - news/design - or purchasing our favorite products on Etsy.

If business owners don't get their act together and think about how their website functions on a mobile phone, they'll hang perilously close to being left behind. There are over 80 million smartphone users in the world who access websites through their phones, and 57% of them wouldn't recommend a website they had trouble accessing on it.

People access information when they're waiting in line to get coffee in the morning, have 15 minutes to kill before a meeting, and — annoyingly — when they're having dinner with a group of friends. These are just a few examples, but when it comes down to it, people are inhaling their daily doses of information away from their desk, or laptop computer. Which means, businesses need to be ready if they want to keep up with how society is changing.

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via: Intuit

Neil works as a Digital PR Manager at Column Five Media @columnfive, a creative marketing agency specializing in data visualization and infographic design. He's passionate about the future of social media and how good design will become a bigger...

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