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Moving at the speed of innovation

Moving at the speed of innovation Jacob Beckley
Depending your industry, vertical or market, innovation has different meanings. Inevitably however, innovation at its core is universal. It embodies the improvement of something that has come before. It is the evolution of convenience, efficiency and effectiveness. Beyond that, we live in a world of make it smaller, faster, bigger, clearer, simpler, better. We live in an age being defined as innovation by innovation. It’s everywhere. It's happening all around us, from the moment we wake until we sleep, our lives are being influenced by innovations.

In the vast sea of innovation, companies that take the largest risk, close the biggest gaps and identify the newest opportunities are rewarded with the title of true innovators and leaders by their consumers and peers. These true innovators are setting themselves apart from any and all competition.

Being a true innovator is much greater than just simply improving on something that came before, it’s the creation of something new that defines the unknown. True innovation is measured by the impact that a company has on a market, an industry, the consumer and our lives. It defines the leaders and the followers in the world we live in.

Innovation is a living, breathing, morphing organism. It is continually in need of nurturing, food and sustenance. Innovation requires an environment where it can effectively grow, where it can breed more and multiply, where it can thrive and live freely. Innovation is a culture, it's not a person or a process. It can't be bought, you can't force it, but you can breed it and foster an environment to let it happen and encourage it to happen.

Companies that have adopted a culture of innovation are now paving and leading the way in all their verticals and markets. These companies are defining new needs, markets and trends. They are defining the world of tomorrow, today.

Innovating in an age of innovation sounds easy enough, yet defining yourself as innovative while delivering incremental improvements, seemingly useless features and continually following your competition, does not breed true innovation, but rather inhibits your growth. Take more risks, define new needs, solve real challenges, cease the incremental improvement and seize the real opportunities.

The future of innovation is innovation defining our future. Adopt innovation, take risks, exude passion, let it define you. And most importantly, don't be afraid of failure, its the opportunity for success.

As VP of Innovation at Fusion92 Jake serves as an innovator and visionary for new products, technologies and concepts. Jake began working with Matt, Fusion92's Founder and President & CEO, in 2001. Since that time, Jake has helped the company...

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