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Proof that content marketing actually works

Proof that content marketing actually works Deborah Bates
By now, most marketers recognise the importance of content. They can sing its praises for hours; citing improved brand reputation and thought leader establishment until the cows come home. Let’s face it though, for some people, it’s all about the stats – rightly so, too, considering the economic strain the world is under.

What these people want is proof that content marketing works. Rather than hearing about the soft benefits (which are very important too, make no mistake), they want the cold, hard facts. Well, courtesy of Business Bolt’s recent content marketing survey, here they are...

#1: 71% say content marketing helped them improve their site’s rankings

Google loves fresh, high-quality, relevant content – and lots of it. This was made clearer than ever during the iteration of the Panda algorithm update in 2011. The more you can publish on your site, the better your rankings will become. It really is as simple as that.

#2: 77% believe content marketing helped boost their site’s traffic

Higher rankings are typically accompanied by a boost in traffic. This is simply because more people see the site and all of its lovely content. More traffic means more chance of conversions. Sounds great, right?!

#3: 70% confirmed that content marketing increased awareness of their brand

Publishing valuable, solid content helps position your brand as an industry thought leader and a name that can be trusted. Combined with the rankings and traffic boost, it’s no wonder content helps improve brand awareness so well.

#4: 59% said that content supports sales growth

A truly inevitable result of increased brand awareness, more visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and higher traffic levels, a boost in sales is one key benefit of getting involved with content marketing. More sales = more money. What’s there to argue with?

#5: 45% revealed that using content marketing had cut their advertising costs

Not only are you going to make more money by utilising content marketing, but you’re going to save money too! It’s like a brand owner’s dream.

These sound simple and perhaps too good to be true, but the facts don’t lie. These marketers really believe in content and can demonstrate – in cold, black-and-white stats - how it truly has improved their business, in all sorts of ways. Isn’t that proof enough that content marketing really works?

I’m a content marketing specialist, creating and managing multi-channel content strategies for clients across a range of industries. In a work capacity, I’m especially passionate about Twitter and content of all forms... Outside of work,...

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