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RadiumOne Mobile Ad Survey Reveals Women Oversee Major Automobile Purchases.

RadiumOne Mobile Ad Survey Reveals Women Oversee Major Automobile Purchases. Kamal Kaur
For consumers and advertisers alike, the holiday season is often thought of as a time of frenzied shopping. While traditional media channels have done well for brand advertisers during the holiday season, the programmatic advertising company RadiumOne expects to see a pivotal shift in campaign strategy that is increasingly focused on reaching mobile audiences – and recommends that advertisers take notice.

RadiumOne recently launched a mobile advertising survey aimed at examining people’s behaviors around how they interact with mobile ads and reliance on mobile devices when making purchasing decisions. One survey specifically looked at how individuals engaged with their devices when researching and planning for the purchase of a new automobile and how people relied on their smartphones and tablets to research and plan for this major purchase.

When examining the results of the survey, one point became clear – women aged 34-54 were the overwhelming majority of survey respondents, indicting they were the pre-dominantly the decision-makers over purchasing decisions made within the household.

Automotive Survey Highlights

For model-year, inventory-heavy industries such as automotive, the holiday shopping season is critical as dealerships push year-end sales events to clear out current-year stock. Taking a deeper dive into the automobile survey results in particular, RadiumOne surveyed consumers and found that 51.1% of all survey respondents were between the ages of 35-54 and 75.8% of respondents were female. The company uncovered actionable takeaways in assessing consumer tastes and preferences, from vehicle value propositions to auto ad preferences.

Survey Results Highlights Include:

  • 37.4% intend to purchase a car within the next 12 months, 16.1% of whom plan to make a purchase within the next 6 months.

  • 34.5% cited that their next car is likely to be an SUV

  • 31.3% indicated that the expected lifetime value of a car to be the most important factor when buying a car, followed by safety ratings – which commanded 23% of the survey responses

  • 66.1% possess a car budget between $15 – $25k

RadiumOne further inquired about how consumers prefer to engage with auto-related advertisements on their mobile devices. The responses can be directly applied to upcoming mobile advertising campaigns. For instance, 43.4% of survey respondents prefer to interact with rich media advertisements to any other form of mobile ads. They would rather explore the auto within the ad by changing the car’s features such as: paint color, model, interior, than watch video advertisements that don’t allow for customization. Mobile users value self-directed research, so when presented with the opportunity, in-ad options allow them to engage with the content with great autonomy and choice.

According to RadiumOne, here are two recommendations for advertisers:

  • Opt for rich media placements that allow direct user interaction with the featured auto. As our study suggests, consumers value choice and advertisements that lend themselves to user-influenced customization, not only makes for an intrinsically more engaging creative, but for a welcoming consumer-brand experience.

  • Tailor ad creative towards vehicle longevity and consumer safety features. Our study indicates these are the key value propositions consumers are looking for, so shaping campaigns around these features will likely elicit positive brand sentiment and increased consideration from consumers.

Advertisers are beginning to look to mobile as an avenue for maximizing sales during the holiday season, and should hone their efforts to more effectively target women aged 35-54 who typically control the purse-strings within the household. Unlike other media channels, targeting mobile users and optimizing reach commands a different strategy than is employed by display or other traditional channels. The results of RadiumOne’s research make it clear that consumers value the research capabilities provided by their mobile devices. By combining ads with direct-purchase options, advertisers open up the possibility of tracking not only conversions, but also direct ROI.

At RadiumOne, Kamal manages all aspect of mobile and display business units. Prior to joining RadiumOne, Kamal managed the media team at Yahoo! Ad Network. There, she provided leadership and direction in all aspects of the Yahoo Ad Network and also...

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