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Thar, She Blows! 6 Steps to Give A Good Meeting

Thar, She Blows! 6 Steps to Give A Good Meeting Andy Wiedlin

Meetings: they are the scourge of the digital ad industry. Reps desperately trying to get on client's and agency's calendars, and when they succeed they fail. Boring tedious nonsense. 60 slides of tripe. Clients and agencies, leaning back, expecting and getting the worst.

Bad meetings are sadly the norm, are a waste of time, and demeaning to all involved. Enough!

Let's make 2013 the Year of Great Meeting in Digital Media. Below are some simple tips for making everyone involved happier and more productive:

  1. Have an agenda: it makes it so much more interesting to the audience.

  2. State the objective of the meeting upfront: it's a sales meeting. Be bold. Tell them upfront that you've been thinking about their business, you have an idea, and if it works you expect them to invest in it. Be honest! Unless you want to sit around and talk endlessly about "the relationship".

  3. Have a point of view: People are harried and overwhelmed. If you know something of value, drop the knowledge. Loud 'n proud, baby!

  4. Know your client and solve a problem: Take the time to study the client and bring a custom solution. If one size fits all, you're going to be replaced by an algorithm and an exchange anyways.

  5. Bring ideas: Oscar Wilde once said  “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.”  Take some risks. Move fast and break things.

  6. End early: People are busy. Get to the point and finish early. People really appreciate the extra time in their day to check out BuzzFeed.com.

Now, drop the mic and leave the stage.


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