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Mobile Monetization - Quick Tips to Consider when Marketing your App

Mobile Monetization - Quick Tips to Consider when Marketing your App Marla Schimke
Developing an app can be a very exciting and lucrative endeavor – but as consumers get more accustomed to free apps, publishers need to seriously consider their approach to monetization. If your strategy includes mobile advertising, the ability to generate revenue is directly correlated with the amount of app downloads you drive. So how do you initiate those downloads to monetize your free app and ultimately increase your ROI? By considering the entire marketing mix.

Taking full advantage of the app store is an essential first step. Prospective consumers often browse within the top apps when deciding what to download on their devices, so getting placed into the top 100 can dramatically impact the success of your app. Whether you are developing your app for iOS, Android or Windows, here are a few general guidelines to follow when planning your app store marketing strategy:

  • Leverage the app title in your app description

  • Include your most important keywords in the app description

  • Keep the screen shots of your app up to date

  • Include a short video that highlights your app’s best features

  • Listen to your audience and update your app based on customer feedback

  • Remember app rankings differ from app store to app store and are based on a multitude of factors including: downloads, keywords, devices and engagement levels

These tips will help increase the likelihood a perspective consumer can find your app to download it, however, this is just the beginning. Breaking into the top 100 is not an easy undertaking and requires a unique and thoughtful marketing plan. At the basic level, the more you promote your app and the more your app gets downloaded, the better your chance of being featured. Therefore, efforts need to be implemented in advance with a combination of advertising, public relations, social media and general marketing initiatives.

Key marketing efforts can help your app experience huge month-over-month increases in downloads. Across a premium app network, specific tactics saw jumps in downloads including:

  • 82% increase by advertising the app on a premium mobile app network

  • 70% increase by adding a spotlight app promotion to the app publisher’s homepage

  • 52% increase by placing a promotional ad within the app publisher’s digital newsletter

Essentially, if you have access to a resource – utilize it. Include your app in every facet of external communication and couple that with specific and strategic outreach dedicated to your app.

Regarding the future, app publishers and developers need to think not only about promoting their apps, but also how to monetize them and who to partner with to do so. Developing a strategic marketing mix and electing the right app monetization engine is key to the long-term success of your app.

  As the Vice President of Marketing for Zumobi, Marla brings more than 16 years of experience in marketing leadership for both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, AudienceScience and Ernst & Young. Marla is a digital...

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Commenter: Spencer Broome

2011, May 19

"So while our pathways to the customer, their behavior and interests, and our approaches and thinking should be ever-changing, just remember that the bottom line is not."