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5 forthcoming social media advances you should know about

5 forthcoming social media advances you should know about Elisabeth Crane
The rapid advance in social media within the last few years has given a radical shift in both human interaction and behavior. Most of these advances have relied on the pre-social media technology of word of mouth and telling a story in short vignettes.

Content-Driven Marketing and the New Self-Learning

E-learning technology will be common for mobility. Consumers are relying less on traditional brick and mortar schools and more on non-traditional programs with self-learning opportunity via social media. "Social Learning" is becoming a trend that allows consumers and businesses to design niche learning.

Human Interaction Technology

One of the biggest changes to social media has been the way others interact with each other. The less intrusive brief twitter and text-related updates have given way to short vignettes of micro-video or presentations. It is changing the way individuals receive gifts, chat, and even learn aspects about individuals across the globe. As a result, interaction has become global. One major trend relying on this trend is the instant mobility. Businesses now use recruiting techniques and analytics to find the best candidate based on open search results.

Constant Optimization and Linking through Major Platforms

Platform technology such as Google and Google+ have become an intelligent accessory to social media. With the recent algorithm change to Hummingbird, more complex search queries and matching will allow for question-based searches. Searching will match up to the user's own fields of interest connected to their Google account. The same logic applies to some of the intelligence behind Facebook. The recent algorithm changes are creating more personalized content at a higher rate of frequency. Everything associated with one account will directly affect the rest in a domino effect. Advertising will be in sync with interests and searching patterns.

Developing Niche Platforms

Although sites like Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram are major platforms for social media in a bigger context, niche marketing has its place in social media. In fact, many of these niche platforms will be playing a role in specific interests and activities in daily life. Applications will be considered unique to the individual user, such as connecting DIY-saavy designers or those curious to start a new cause.

Visualization is everything

A greater demand in attention span for the increase in information in social media will result in further optimization of graphics and visuals for businesses and consumers. The ability to share content will be optimized for short 'snippets' to grab the attention of users. In fact, over 80% of our brains are dedicated to processing imagery. This trend towards multiple sharing will lead to an optimization of content trending.

Elisabeth Crane is a freelance blogger and writer for several sites, including www.leadspend.com.

Elisabeth Crane is a freelance writer for several blogs and sites. She is a content manager for www.leadspend.com. She enjoys being able to express herself through the written work. In addition to writing, Ms. Crane enjoys nature hikes, traveling,...

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