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5 Great iPhone Apps to Revolutionize Your Company's Brand

5 Great iPhone Apps to Revolutionize Your Company's Brand Elisabeth Crane
Your company exists in an ever-changing world of business needs and customer demands. Surviving in the age of perpetual technological progress can often come down to making use of simple tools that consumer electronics have made available to us. Here's a look at five great iPhone apps that can help you keep your head above water, and provide some great tools for business operations and marketing alike.


If your company relies on sending employees out into the field to conduct business, Expensify is a great tool for getting rid of the paperwork headaches that receipts and expense reports can create. You can sync the app with company credit cards to track expenses and business purchases in real time, streamlining the whole process and eliminating potential headaches.


Because so many businesses thrive on creating lasting partnerships, it's important to keep track of the contacts you make while you're away from your desk. To that end, CamCard lets you take pictures of any business cards you receive while at a conference, storing a virtual copy of it on your iPhone in case the paper one is lost or takes a trip through the washing machine.


Just a couple of years ago it would have been easy to scoff at social networking sites as a passing craze, but these days it's difficult to imagine a world without them. In terms of marketing, companies large and small are making use of Twitter as a great tool for getting in touch with customers and keeping them in the loop about new products, promotions, and opportunities to provide feedback. It might be a marketing tool, but customers are beginning to appreciate social networking as a two-way street of communication.


If you find yourself accessing and editing business documents on the road, you'll be amazed how you ever got by without QuickOffice. Recently purchased by Google, QuickOffice is a full suite of productivity apps that lets you store, edit, and access documents on your mobile device. Whether you're dealing with spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or simple text documents, you can do it all with QuickOffice, and best of all: you can do it for free.


You can take your business to new heights with this great productivity app. DropBox lets you share files with multiple users across different computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can use it as a simple cloud storage solution, or use it to share information with different parties across great distances, eliminating the need to email attachments or carry thumb drives. You get 5GB of storage for free, but additional storage can be bought for an additional fee.

The world of iPhone apps for business is constantly growing, so this is just a brief look at what's out there. If you're a business owner and an iPhone user, make sure you and your business are getting the most out of your powerful handheld.

Elisabeth Crane a fan of all things regarding the iPhone. She frequently writes on new and forthcoming trends in iPhone technologies. Elisabeth is a frequent blogger for a number of sites, including www.leadspend.com.

Elisabeth Crane is a freelance writer for several blogs and sites. She is a content manager for www.leadspend.com. She enjoys being able to express herself through the written work. In addition to writing, Ms. Crane enjoys nature hikes, traveling,...

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