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25 Things Accomplished in 48 Hours @ Advertising Week

25 Things Accomplished in 48 Hours @ Advertising Week Kevin Planovsky
There seems to have been a lot of bad-mouthing of Advertising Week across the industry blogs and dailies, much to my dismay... Perhaps I am just a naive first-timer, but I think Jon Bond said it best when he blogged that, now in it's 10th year, "Advertising Week is a breath of fresh air for our industry"! Even more exciting is the inherent focus on everything digital which seems to have completely taken over the entire week of sessions, speakers, sponsors & events...

I had the opportunity to attend for the first time, and as I fly back to Atlanta from ye olde large apple, I decided to jot down all of the crazy, fun, some disappointing, and exciting things I accomplished in only 48 hours in Manhattan. The below list is the top 25 things from my short period of time at Advertising Week 2013 (for the full list of 40 checkout the blog at my mobile + social media agency, Vert)

  1. Met Wayne Gattinella from DoubleVerify (and formerly WebMD)

  2. Saw Microsoft, dotJWT, Placewise & DoubleVerify talk about “Waste Free Advertising”

  3. Listened to an insightful chat by Facebook on Mobile: The New First Screen

  4. Chatted about agency consolidation & #TornadoWeek with Joel Lunenfeld of Twitter

  5. Met Valerie Buckingham from Nokia & Jim Joseph from Cohn + Wolfe and chatted Windows8

  6. Talked to our pals Carin & Dave at ThinkNear about our mobile campaigns with IHG

  7. Wished Marcus Startzel (CRO of Millenial Media) luck before his panel session

  8. Met Jim Squires Product Marketing Manager @ Facebook and talked location-based ads

  9. Met Eric Hadley from The Weather Company and talked #tornadoweek

  10. Talked Google+ Local & Ads with Tim Reis who heads Mobile + Social for Google

  11. Saw Acxiom, Google, Weather Company, InMobi and AT&T talk #mobile

  12. Enjoyed the authentic content case study from Fast Company and Target

  13. Caught up with David Smith from MediaSmith and showed him our SxSWi 2014 infographic

  14. Saw Facebook, Deep Focus, Shift, and GroupM talk about mobile tactics & technologies

  15. Met Ian Schaffer, founder of Deep Focus, and talked agency politics + awards

  16. Hung out with BliNQ Media at The Daily in SoHo thanks to my buddy Sarah DeVries

  17. Scored a fancy red notebook from the NYC TapJoy team (thanks guys!)

  18. Got photogenic on the #IABMIXX red carpet with Lisa West (see epic photo below)

  19. Saw PeTA Speak on Extreme Marketing tactics & setup a meeting with SVP Dan Mathews

  20. Serendipitously met up with Rosie & Faris in between their adventures for drinks (you guys rock!)

  21. Determined that this year’s Advertising Week buzzwords were Mobile, Data, and Collaboration

  22. Met the founder of HitBliss and talked advertising opportunities on their VOD platform

  23. Was beat by 360i AGAIN for the Best Viral Campaign OMMA Award (no hard feelings)

  24. Talked shop with Jason Keath of Social Fresh at a little dive bar in SoH

  25. Hailed an UBER to LGA and am still deeply in love with that company

Now starts the seemingly never-ending task of following up on all those great conversations via awkward emails, witty Tweets, and late night LinkedIn requests!

Did you go to Advertising Week this year? What were your most memorable take-aways? Either way, I hope to be back in 2014 with a few more hours to spare in my schedule...

-Kevin Planovsky

Kevin Planovsky is co-founder and principal of account strategy at Vert – the boutique digital shop helping Fortune 1000 brands drive real results through mobile + social strategy. His team's work with brands like Shoney's, The Weather...

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