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Benjamin Moore Scares The Paints Off Contractors (Prank Video)

Benjamin Moore Scares The Paints Off Contractors (Prank Video) Rick Mathieson
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZPbwOrGmwc&list=PL80LYf0FnWLGES2OEAmZVmxzi7dFD8j6P[/youtube]This new adverprank from Benjamin Moore Paints is part of a new "Scary Good Job" campaign aimed at any pro who's faced a nightmare painting job.

Personally, I just want to know how they got contractors to come work after hours.

Read more about the video, here. And let us know if/how your brand is using stunts like this!

Rick Mathieson is an award-winning writer, author, speaker and frequent media commentator on marketing in the digital age. Heralded as “a strategic marketing expert” by Harvard Business School”s Working Knowledge, his insights on postmodern...

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