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"Think Like A Freak" with #UnifyTech14

"Think Like A Freak" with #UnifyTech14 iMedia Editors
Stephen Dubner, bestselling author of Freakonomics and the upcoming "Think Like a Freak" delivered the keynote address at Tapad's Unify Tech '14 event today. In the book Dubner teamed up again with "Freakonomics" co-author Steven D. Levitt, offering new ways to solve problems and retraining your brain.

One of the steps toward thinking like a freak: Think like a child—because you’ll come up with better ideas and ask better questions. Levitt and Dubner see the world in unique ways and with this book are sharing the "how." How can you think outside the box in new and innovative ways to solve? That's something we should all be asking ourselves in both our professional and personal lives… I certainly am inspired to after seeing Dubner's Keynote.

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