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What marketers need to know about data and privacy

What marketers need to know about data and privacy Franchesca Nguyen
The buzzword going around at this first-ever iMedia Canada Summit is data. We've heard of big data and small data. But have we ever truly thought long and hard about privacy and data?

Alan Chapell, President of Chapell & Associates, spoke about big data in relation to digital advertising, messaging what marketers need to know about privacy and data in Canada.

Chapell set the tone by discussing Canada’s current digital media privacy law and standards. Some of these rules in the Canadian marketplace include Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) as well as a new anti-SPAM Law, which isn’t effective until July 2014. He then transitioned into measurement.

Four digital trends he mentioned include:

1)    Shift from audience creation to advertiser enablement.

2)    Shift from browser controlled ad spend to platform controlled ad spend.

3)    Advertisers demand insight across platforms and devices.

4)    The growth of the data sync ecosystem.

Chapell went on to confirm that the “current privacy framework doesn’t address ANY of this.” And he added that “brands are not used to being responsible for digital privacy rules” in what he calls the “CHAPELLscape.”


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