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4 Ways to Market Your Web Hosting Company

4 Ways to Market Your Web Hosting Company Morgan Sims
Marketing a web hosting company can be difficult because there are so many big names in the game. Getting the business of larger corporations and businesses who may not know much about technology will rely on your marketing. Many times your service can be superior to your competition but they have better visibility in the industry. Closing this gap can be the difference between staying in business or thriving in your current market.

Social Networks

Web hosting businesses can be helped with social networks just like any other. Setting up social profiles to interact with new customers and old is a great way to provide engagement and customer service at the same time. A company has to be very careful about over selling via social media. That will lose likes and followers to drop you or block your account from their feed. The content of your social media should be engaging and there should be some informative things that you have written. Linking to a useful story that has been posted on your blog via Twitter or Facebook is a great way to garner some traffic and possibly even get some shares which lead to followers.

Forum Participation

For some of the most honest opinions that you can get about any tech product or service, you delve into forums. Participating in these forums are a great way to build a bit of rapport with some possible future customers. Giving advice in these forums and not being too aggressive with your sales pitch can have people flocking to have your company be their hosting company. The forums are also a place to respond to people who have had negative experiences with your company. This shows that you care about the customer and many users will notice.


Using some SEO tactics is always a great way to garner some attention. People and businesses that don’t have much of an idea about hosting will just go to a search engine and type “web hosting company” so having your site near the top of the results can be worth its weight in gold. This can be done through a plethora of ways that include traffic, social media, and getting your name out there on large tier sites.

Writing Advice Articles

Many people do not have any idea about different hosting companies and which one they should use. Obviously different hosting companies specialize in different types of sites whether it be a generic blog or an ecommerce site. Writing articles that give advice is a good way to garner traffic to your site and once people use you for advice, they will be more apt to just click around and purchase your hosting service.

There are not many differences when it comes to marketing a web hosting company. One might ask questions about how hosting works so take a look at how hosting companies make money. Marketing is about getting your name and brand into the consumer’s heads in a positive light. So keep that in mind and happy marketing!

Morgan Sims is a writer and recent graduate of the University of South Florida who loves all things tech and social media. When she's not trying out new gadgets and tweeting she spends most of her time with her dog, cooking and staying active...

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