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Different Types of Businesses That Really Benefit From Localized SEO and Some Tips

Different Types of Businesses That Really Benefit From Localized SEO and Some Tips Morgan Sims
SEO is one of the greatest tools that one could use in their marketing approach when it comes to their business. The days of looking in the phone book when searching for a business are a distant memory now. Localized SEO applies to many companies whether they realize they need it or not. The smaller the area that the company operates in, the more important it is to rank higher than the other local competition.

Plumbers, Roofers, and Contractors

These professions are hypercompetitive as there are people who can offer a better price but sometimes a low price does not offer the quality one would want. Having your roofing service rank as high as possible could mean the difference between having a full schedule or not having enough work. Plumbers have a different type of pricing and many people do not know whether they are getting a good deal, review websites like Yelp or other sites can immensely improve your chances of getting new business. Garnering traffic to some type of blog that gives advice is also important in these skills that some people have little to no knowledge about. Claiming the local listings online is also an important step in improving your SEO. Once you have gotten a customer, the odds of them coming back to somebody that they know and trust are very high.

Doctors and Lawyers

The first point that is going to be made here has a little to do with localized SEO but more to do with how a practice presents itself online. If a site of a practice looks sloppy or outdated, patients might be uneasy to visit your practice since it gives off the impression that you might not value your work or do sloppy work. This is obviously untrue but it is paramount to present yourself properly when people’s health and possible freedom is at stake. It will be easier to rank in niche law and medical specialties rather than general law. A good way to go about this is trying to boost some of your rankings in your specialties rather than keyword linking “Tampa Doctor” try using the keyword “Tampa pediatrician” or something of that nature. For law try linking “Personal injury lawyer Tampa” than just “Lawyer Tampa”.


Maintaining your local SEO and online reputation when it comes to the restaurant industry is important to say the least. The keywords that you pick have to be very generic because if you have a hybrid type of cuisine, most people searching will not look up Asian-Afghan fusion. Keeping the keywords simple and something that someone would be willing to look up on a phone is important as well. Making sure to have responded to Yelp reviews is important as this shows that you care about the people that you serve at your restaurant.

As you can see, localized SEO is important for those companies that offer services in a smaller area. Targeting the more broad keywords is an easy way to blow a lot of your marketing budget very quickly. Good luck cornering your local market!

Morgan Sims is a writer and recent graduate of the University of South Florida who loves all things tech and social media. When she's not trying out new gadgets and tweeting she spends most of her time with her dog, cooking and staying active...

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