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How mCommerce is transforming the holiday season

How mCommerce is transforming the holiday season Pascal Caillon
Payment platforms like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are taking off, which means that mobile payments will be in full swing this holiday season! Already, 40 percent of North American consumers have used their smartphones to make a payment at a merchant location, and 66 percent would use their cell phone in more transactions if they had the ability to scan a product and learn more about it. Needless to say, the potential for growth in the mobile space is huge. This holiday season, retailers large and small will be taking advantage of the mobile shopping wave in a range of innovative ways, making stressful holiday shopping a little easier for consumers.


Opt-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons that will be activated after consumers download a specific app and turn on Bluetooth to receive a notification, will be much more prominent than in years past. By placing beacons in storefront windows and setting the proximity location to notify passersby about sales or special offers, retailers can expect to see a boost in revenue this holiday season. The technology can also drive customer loyalty going forward. Not only do beacons alert shoppers of offers they may not have had any knowledge of before, they also eliminate the need for consumers to search through their phones for emailed coupons to redeem offers. The automatic updates, which are hassle free and targeted to the shopper’s needs, create another powerful channel through which to reach increasingly mobile-focused consumers.


Ease-of-use will be key for all consumers during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Everyone has a long list of to-dos, and retailers can do their part to generate good-will by making holiday shopping as seamless and simple for shoppers as possible. If retailers are offering mobile payments as an option, they should make it clear to the customer with extra signage around the cash register, or even in the window. Retailers should also be able to answer the inevitable questions that will come up about the new technology by arming their sales associates with one or two bullet points on how and why customers should set up mobile payments.

NFC tags

Retailers working with companies to develop posters with near field communication (NFC) tags will create a different and memorable way for shoppers to redeem offers. A simple tap of their phone will bring up an offer for a consumer to be redeem at the register. This is yet another way to help consumers streamline the offers they receive from retailers. Retailers should place NFC tags in windows, by the register and by large displays to maximize engagement with shoppers.

This holiday season doesn’t have to be a stressful one! With the help of proximity technology, NFC and other mobile payment options, consumers have more ways to conveniently purchase gifts for their families and loved ones. This mobile technology also benefits retailers by increasing customer loyalty and revenue streams! It’s the retailers’ job to now ensure their store is well equipped for a more mobile holiday season.

Pascal is responsible for building up and managing Proxama operations for the North American region. Prior to Proxama, he accumulated experience in mobile commerce at Visa, MasterCard, SanDisk and CorFire. He was deeply involved in the Dunkin’...

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