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SEO Tips For Your Business Website

SEO Tips For Your Business Website Morgan Sims
Having a blog as a business is one of the more elementary of steps when trying to market online. Blogs are a great resource to garner traffic or even inform your customers. Not having a blog tends to drive people who come to help a business with marketing crazy. A business’ blog should inform the visitors in a way that is useful but will also help convert their visit to the blog into a sale. Blogs are not only great for marketing but can also help you climb up the results in the search engines. This will highlight some of the top ways to boost that search engine visibility. This list of top seo tips for wordpress bloggers is pretty extensive and delves into more details.

Do Not Branch Out Too Much

Trying to put a little bit of everything on your website can lead to negative impacts on your SEO score. Having too many topics will not only make your site look scattered but it will not rank for the specific keywords you may want. Doing the research on the keywords that your competitors are ranking for is also very important. Becoming an authority on your industry will not only garner traffic but also shares from others in the industry which Google and other search engines take into consideration when ranking sites for keywords.

Tags and Keywords

When using a Wordpress based blog there are many different settings that make this much easier than tagging has been in the past. Tagging certain areas will help you rank better. Include your keywords in the site’s title, domain name, description, tagline, keywords, page content and some other places.

Post Content

When writing content for your blog the writer should refer back to other posts that have been written previously. Internal linking is important and it adds value to the post and can get the other post more visits as well. This can be automated on some content management systems so the writer would not even have to read about it. The writer would not have an issue putting these in manually since you will be writing about related topics if you don’t branch out too much.

Page Loading Times

This is important for more than just SEO value. Slow loading times can have potential customers leaving the site and possibly never returning. If a site constantly freezes your computer then a customer will look elsewhere for the product you sell. Simplifying your page and taking out certain things that slow down your site is not just import, it is necessary.

Being Featured On Other Sites

If you have an employee who is well known in the industry that the business is in. Having him write posts for other related blogs that include a link to your site will show you as an authority in the industry. Having an SEO team who can do things like this and find prospective sites to host your posts is a great way to climb that SEO rank.

These are just a few different ways to boost that SEO score. Doing some research or hiring an internet marketing company/internal team can help drive sales to levels you may have never imagined.

Morgan Sims is a writer and recent graduate of the University of South Florida who loves all things tech and social media. When she's not trying out new gadgets and tweeting she spends most of her time with her dog, cooking and staying active...

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