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3 hot buzzwords from the iMedia Brand Summit

3 hot buzzwords from the iMedia Brand Summit Adam Kleinberg
The iMedia Brand Summit is a gathering of some of the brightest, savviest and most innovative marketers in the world. So, it’s no surprise that this forum is the where world’s hottest emerging media buzzwords, well, emerge. This Summit did not disappoint. Here are 3 new buzzwords that will be flashing across link bait headlines near you in the very near future.

Digical. This is the convergence of digital and physical. Brands across the spectrum are looking to create experiences for brands in the real world that leverage digital to engage people and extend the reach of brand activations back online to those people’s networks. My fave was presented by Jeremy Brook from Heineken who created light-up beer bottles for an event during Fashion Week in Milan that lit up when you clinked bottles or took a sip. They even had Bluetooth sensors so the DJ could control the lights in the bottles in time with the music. Yes, people tweeted. Let’s get digical!

The Desktopalypse. Apparently, the Mayans didn’t get it all wrong. Goeff Ramsey from eMarketer quoted Doug Weaver predicting the demise of the desktop-centric digital marketing landscape. Geoff showed eMarketer data illustrating that 2014 will be the last year that desktop ad spend will grow. After that, it will begin a steady decline over the coming years. This isn’t a knock on digital, however. The reason this is happening is because more and more time spent digitally is now spend on smartphones and tablets—and where eyeballs go, so goeth the dollars.

Incrementality. Nothing like sitting through a half hour presentation on the nuances of attribution modeling to make your head spin. My brain hurts (and not just because I spent a bit too much time at the bar last night). Incrementality is a key principle in the science of attribution. The basic idea is that you should look at the incremental impact of a given marketing tactic on your overall KPIs. What is the difference in your results of having that tactic versus not having it? That’s your incrementality.

These are just three of the many buzzwords buzzing about here at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island. I’m sure I missed a few… I hope some of my fellow attendees will leave them in the comments. I’d hate for the rest of you to miss out!

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