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4 Companies That Understand Brand Consistency

4 Companies That Understand Brand Consistency iMedia Editors
Most brands maintain a presence across multiple platforms including social media sites, apps, and webpages. Reaching far beyond the product or brick-and-mortar location, these brands need to offer consistency to stay recognizable in any environment.

Here are some winning brands you can emulate to create a cohesive image for your own brand.


Coca-Cola's highly recognizable brand is worth $78.4 billion. Complex gave the logo the number two spot on their list of the 50 most iconic brand logos of all time. Coca Cola has clearly made the most of its fame. Its web page and Facebook page are both awash in the primary red and clean white of its logo. All of the company's apps use this simple color palette as well. Combine this with repeated use of the shapely coke bottle silhouette and you have a clear image that immediately draws up the viewer's personal memories of the product.



Amazon's logo is brilliantly clever, making it the perfect choice when it comes to building a consistent brand image. The arrow points from a to z, as a way to show that Amazon carries everything imaginable. Meanwhile, the curved shape brings to mind a satisfied smile. Today the icon is so recognizable that most people can tell by the arrow alone where a brown cardboard box is from.

By using the logo prominently on all social media sites and apps, Amazon has created a very cohesive brand image. Amazon also features the same intuitive design and clean organization throughout the apps and website, so you can browse comfortably on any platform.


The right colors can have a tremendous impact on customer behavior, and no one puts this to work better than McDonald's. Yellow is the first color perceived by the retina, and red is naturally associated with the need to stop. Together these hues create an eye-catching image that will naturally encourage you to stop in and indulge.

Red and yellow feature prominently in every social media site, website, and app that this fast food chain uses. The website and Facebook page also feature large, clean photos prominently, offering the eye a refreshing break from the salesy images competitors are pushing. Whether you're driving down the road or using Fios to surf online, you're sure to run into and recognize the golden arches that symbolize McDonald's. For clear photos to be put into a brochure or anything at a Mcdonald's, getting it done by a place like www.printingpeach.com is a great place to get high quality work.


Though you never know what products you'll find on Etsy, you can rely on a clean and welcoming design that's provided consistently across all platforms. The simple orange and white logo pops against a neutral background. The subdued backdrop also allows the one-of-a-kind products to really shine in this crafter's paradise.

Etsy offers both an app and a mobile optimized site that make browsing and buying easy on any device. You'll find the same navigational tools no matter how you're shopping, so you can comfortably turn to your favorite method of perusing the wares. Meanwhile, the Facebook page highlights Etsy's unusual wares one piece at a time, offering fans a little peek at what's waiting.

Staying recognizable across all platforms is important for any business that wants to build its brand and ingrain it in the mind of many. Not only will doing so lead people to subconsciously become your customers, but they'll stick around for a lifetime if they consistently see your company spread across a variety of platforms. This is essentially what separates the successful (and major) corporations from the average businesses.

Have you done marketing or brand building for a startup company, established business, or major corporation? What lessons did you learn that other readers can use in their endeavours to set up a consistent brand?

Leave a comment below and share your story. It might make a major difference for one dwindling business out there.

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