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5 ways GIFs are being used on Pinterest

5 ways GIFs are being used on Pinterest Bob Gilbreath
Everyone loves a good GIF – especially one of a man falling up an escalator, a kid doing something cute, or a mischievous cat up to no good. So, when Pinterest announced that the platform would now support GIFs, marketers rejoiced the opportunity to attract and engage users in a new way. Not only are GIFs fun and attention grabbing, but there are so many ways that brands and bloggers can use them to improve engagement on Pinterest. (After, of course, you have the obligatory discussion on whether it is pronounced gif or jif.)

Here are some ways that real people and real businesses are implementing GIFs into their Pinterest strategy:

  • Abercrombie & Fitch created a board based on resolutions for the New Year called #14in14. The teen clothing retailer took the top 14 resolutions and turned them into a scrolling GIF on the board. Pretty cool. Any type of list or countdown could potentially be turned into a GIF.

Smart School House has a really simple guide to creating a GIF if you’re interested in starting to pin GIFs to drive engagement for your own blog or business on Pinterest. Ultimately, GIFs being available on Pinterest is another way that the platform is expanding to customize the user experience. Best of all, it enhances interaction and provides new opportunities for conversion to followers, traffic, subscribers and sales.

Bob Gilbreath is Co-Founder and President of Ahalogy, the Marketers Solution for Pinterest, with clients such as P&G, Kraft and Visa. Previously, Bob was a partner at digital agency, Bridge Worldwide, which was acquired by WPP. Post-acquisition,...

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