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Revealing the Best Kept Secret: iMedia's Brand Summit Marketer-Only Meeting

Revealing the Best Kept Secret: iMedia's Brand Summit Marketer-Only Meeting 44381
For years, there has been a bit of mystery behind the Sunday Marketer-Only meetings at the Brand Summits.  This year, however, I decided to reveal a bit of the magic that happens through the eyes of our February Brand Marketer-Only Meeting host Adam Kmiec. He is the heart of the day and I must admit, his passion is contagious.

Q: How many iMedia Summits have you attended? Too many to count! My first one was in 2005 and still sticks out as one of the best summits I've ever attended.

Q:  What draws you into the iMedia Summits, specifically the Marketer-Only Meeting? I try to get to at least 1 summit a year, if not 2. The Marketer Only Meeting is a must attend, in my opinion. It's one of the rare opportunities you're able to connect with marketers from across the country, representing a plethora of business verticals, all in one place. Usually, to connect with that many quality marketers, you need to attend several conferences throughout the year.

Q: What do you do to prepare for the day? To get the most out of the day, I usually try to do 3 things. First, I arrive early. I want to get a good seat (I also want dibs on the bacon). It seems simple, but picking wear you sit can impact your whole day. Second, I try to change seats throughout the day, so I can meet new people and form new relationships. Third, I don't take notes. Crazy right? I find that taking notes and scribing everything that's said, leads to me missing out on engaging with others at the table. Instead, I use twitter, to capture important soundbites. At the end of the day, I revisit my tweets and all the tweets using the #imediasummit hashtag. That approach gives me a nice broad perspective of what was really resonating with the room.

Q: What surprises you time and time again during the Marketer-Only Meeting? Every Marketer Only Day has been different. The quality of content always improves and the relationships I've formed, have been everlasting. That's really hard to do. I think it's why so many marketers feel like it's a safe environment to share and ask questions. I'm always surprised at how candid people are and how willing they are to help.

Q: How has your experiences within the Marketing-Only Meeting and/or the iMedia Summit in general impacted your career? The connections I've made and the friendships I've formed have been tremendous. I've found new partners to work with and I've met people who have become mentors. Keeping up with digital isn't easy. The iMedia Summit experience makes it substantially easier.

We want to also congratulate Adam on his new role as the Senior Director, Social and Content at Walgreen's.  He's successfully navigated through both agency and brand organizations and am very proud to partner with him in addition to the Advisory Board to form relevant, inspiring and heavily connected experiences at the Marketer-Only Meeting.

The secret is out - the Marketer-Only Meeting is where you have early access to senior leadership before the Summit kicks off.

If you are interested in being part of the Advisory Board for the Marketer-Only Meeting and/or want to join a future Summit, please contact me at [email protected]


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