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The One Video That Will Transform Your Digital Marketing

The One Video That Will Transform Your Digital Marketing 57178
I often tell clients that, "Business just isn’t that complicated." The simple truth is, a few core, foundational principles enable companies to succeed. What gets in the way is merely the hectic, often chaotic day to day operations that make us lose sight of those core principles.

Social Media is no different. Somehow the hectic, often chaotic, day to day, constant evolution of social media has managed to turn marketers upside down. The truth is, Social Media is an ever, evolving culture. A prolific beast that shouldn’t be captured. Instead it should be embraced for its magic rather than tamed to fit our own corporate needs. Live it, ride it, truly experience it and once that happens, the fear will dissipate.

On the most basic human level, consider this example. Do you walk around asking people to like you? And even if you did, would it move them to action? No, they would just agree generally that they already know they like you (hoping of course that they did). Now, consider that you have shared a story with them and even better it moves them to some type of emotion, either laughter or tears. It’s proven that people remember stories. Now they are going to go out into the world and share your story with others.

I was going to expand more, on this short, Seth Godin’esque ‘nugget.’ A visionary who continues to remind us of the core meaningful elements of marketing. Instead, I am going to pass along this video by Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning, Agency Development at Google.

I would absolutely suggest you make time to watch this entire video. It contains some of the most valuable Digital Marketing insights of our time. It reminds marketers of what they have always have known, but lost sight of. It also demonstrates that, in no other time, have we as individuals, created our own personal brand so strongly. Ms. Posner, has a presence and is both engaging and tremendously knowledgable.


Now you understand why companies are beginning to realize that Facebook Likes don’t necessarily translate into sales. It is emotion which drives consumer action. So if we ever cross one another’s paths, whatever you do.......don’t like me........SHARE ME!


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