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Brands Doing A Good and Bad Job Marketing On TV

Brands Doing A Good and Bad Job Marketing On TV iMedia Editors
With the Super Bowl approaching, one begs to think which commercial is going to be the funniest or most impactful. There are brands that just do some great work as far as marketing on TV goes. TV is still the most powerful way of advertising a product but it does take quite a deep wallet to get your

commercials seen in primetime viewing. During huge sports events or TV premiers, I always wait for the commercial that comes on and makes or breaks a sales

quarter for a large company.

The Good

Old Spice

The Old Spice Man from the Super Bowl a couple of years ago has put Old Spice as a brand in the spotlight. The Procter and Gamble YouTube channel exploded

as these commercials were online for all to enjoy. This shows that the old adage of “men want to be him and women wish their man was him” works if the

spokesperson appeals to both genders in the desired demographic. To say the least, I look forward to Old Spice commercials every time there is a big game

or TV event on.


Geico is the reigning champion of the world in my personal opinion. Recently, the camel yelling “Hump Day” a couple of months ago was a commercial that

resonated throughout offices everywhere for a couple of months earlier this year. Years before, the “So easy a Caveman could do it” was the new popular

commercial. A commercial gains the most success when they have sequels and storylines throughout month upon months of commercials. The Geico Gecko is the

mainstay of the Geico brand. I’m going to be honest; the Australian accent coming out of a small green gecko always makes me smile. If spokespeople are

recognizable and loved, then your brand is doing a great job of advertising.

The Bad


E*trade is the perennial failure of all Super Bowl commercials. Although the baby trading stocks is something that I find kind of funny, it has done

nothing but waste money for the company overall. They spent over 35 million dollars to date and their share price has gone down 91 percent since then. With

people watching a game and trying to have a good time with their friends, investing money isn’t the first thing on the Super Bowl viewers’ mind. This is

also why pizza and beer commercials seem to have the biggest impacts on game days.

What Were They Advertising?

I see at least one of these a day, a commercial that leaves the consumer wondering what was actually being advertised. This thought process is baffling to

many advertising executives across the board. That being said, many have been guilty. Whether it is because the advertising team thought the brand was much

more present in people’s minds or they were trying to do something outside the box. Either way, they shouldn’t leave people wondering what actually was

being advertised after the commercial.

There are many different fails and successes in the marketing world. TV holds a large amount of the successes and fails, marketing a great TV show is even important to gain and be an even larger success than they already are. If you have a good bundle plan that includes TV and phone, then you can view these marketing ploys in person. So good luck marketing! You never know which campaign is going to be the one to take you straight to the top!

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