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How to Get Started with Crowdfunding on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo

How to Get Started with Crowdfunding on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo Lee Schneider
If you would like to start crowdfunding but don't know where to begin, I'd like to offer some free resources. One of the first things you need to consider is where to post your campaign. There are some 600 online platforms now - so the choice is huge!  I've written a report about choosing the right crowdfunding platform for your campaign. Click this link to get it.

Crowdfunding platform choices

Having a strong online network is key to crowdfunding success.  Here is another free report that will help you gather your social media forces for successful crowdfunding.  Click this link to get it.


I do a YouTube show each week that analyzes crowdfunding campaigns - mostly on Kickstarter, but sometimes I also include trending IndieGoGo campaigns, too. Here's the latest episode. I cover a band called The Doubleclicks that funding a new album, a camera for your iPhone called the Moment, and a socially-significant effort to live Tweet the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking trial.


Thanks for taking a look at these free resources. I give free classes about crowdfunding online. Here’s one coming up soon.

  Lee Schneider runs Red Cup, a communications agency serving startups and entrepreneurs. The agency has an education and consulting program for startups called Mo’popular. He is the author of ‘Be More Popular: Culture-Building for...

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