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My 59 Top Text Message Marketing Tips

My 59 Top Text Message Marketing Tips Bob Bentz
Text message marketing is the workhorse of the mobile marketing industry. If you can only afford to do one thing in mobile marketing, it should be text message marketing.

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As we enter 2014, businesses and organizations are making resolutions to sell more in the new year. One great way to increase sales is with a consistent and highly targeted text message marketing plan to enhance your existing marketing mix.

But, text message marketing, although the simplest of all mobile marketing tactics, can also be the most difficult to master. It's kind of like playing checkers. It's a much simpler game than chess, but equally difficult to master.


I have recently published my 59 Top Text Message Marketing Tips. You can read more about my favorite SMS marketing tips by CLICKING HERE.

One of my favorite text message marketing tips that you'll learn is this one:

  • Trying to reach business persons with a B to B message? Try sending your broadcast text messages just three minutes before the top of the hour. Why? That's when busy business people are waiting for their next meeting to start and they are often checking their mobile phone for messages.

You can learn 58 more, by clicking on the link above.

Or, if you'd rather hear ten of them from me, click through to this video.

Bob Bentz is the author of Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing (2016).  You can purchase his book at RelevanceRaisesResponse.com or at Amazon or other fine online book retailers. Bentz is the president of...

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