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Why You Should Call a Truce with Multichannel Showrooming

Why You Should Call a Truce with Multichannel Showrooming Jeannie Walters

It's a losing battle.

At 360Connext, our Customer Experience Investigators™ have been working hard to gather evidence to build a case against showrooming. What we have found may surprise you.

Showrooming is here to stay. Here's why:

Instead of truthfully working to understand the way customers behave, many retailers are trying to combat showrooming in ways that are not truly customer-centric. Customers are not afraid to use the technology that brings more information to their fingertips. The ability to quickly and easily do some comparison shopping right from their smartphones is now commonplace.

What does this really mean for retailers? If you're going to try and battle showrooming, you are going to lose. Customers will most certainly, now more than ever, shop on their own terms.

Embracing showrooming for a win/win experience

Personal care and cosmetics retailer Sephora is winning the loyalty of milions of customers simply by offering a world of choices and encouraging them to shop on their own terms- from mobile, desktop, in real life, or a combination of any of the above.

It goes to show you, if you offer customers the shopping experience THEY want, and embrace their habits and preferences instead of trying to change their behavior, it may take some time and patience but they will eventually reward you with measurable growth.

Some of the highlights from our latest CXI® Case File:

  • Sephora offers a seamless multichannel experience. All of their locations have free wifi to access their online marketplace, offering scannable purchases, and the ability to create and manage online shopping lists.

  • Their multi-tiered rewards system, called the Beauty Insider Loyalty Program, which means you don't have to shop there all the time to take advantage of the rewards they offer.

  • Their mobile app, which has been downloaded more than 2 million times,  gives customers access to their own shopping history whether  in-store or online.

has Sephora  has grown 150% via their mobile shopping channel from 2012 – 2013 simply by investing in the true customer experience, making it seamless and proactively supporting customer habits, rather than trying to change them.

The 360Connext Stamp of approval

Sephora's customer-centric focus and true investment in the overall customer experience means Sephora’s Case File will be filed under “Approved!”

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Jeannie is the Chief Customer Experience Investigator™ and the CEO/Founder of 360Connext, a Customer Experience consulting firm based in the Chicago area. Jeannie's solid grasp of the entire spectrum of challenges and services involved in the...

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