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5 Ways Smartphones Are Changing the Ad and Marketing Industry

5 Ways Smartphones Are Changing the Ad and Marketing Industry iMedia Editors
Smartphone use is growing throughout the world because it makes connecting with people and finding information easy. To continue to reach your customers, your business must evolve to incorporate the use of mobile devices into your advertising campaign. Check out these five ways smartphones have changed the marketing industry so you can improve your mobile marketing.

Websites Have to Be Mobile-Friendly

More and more consumers are using their phone or tablet to access the internet, shop online, and visit your business's website. In fact, smartphones hit a milestone in 2013, overtaking PCs as the main way people access the internet throughout the world. The majority of those people expect your website to load just as fast on their phone as it does on their PC.

What does this mean for your website? It means your website must be simple to navigate and fast to use via a mobile device. The best way to do this is to create a mobile version of your website. Mobile websites are formatted specifically to show up and run smoothly on smartphones and tablets.

Consumers Have More Access to Information

In the past, most of the information consumers had about your business, product, or service was from your ads. However, smartphones literally put endless information in the palm of customers' hands. This allows them to look up reviews of your business and compare the prices of similar products.

This information overload makes it more important than ever for you to stand out above your competitors. Do this by focusing on creating a unique brand with a good reputation and product/service. Even if you don't have the lowest price, your product, service, and commitment to customers makes up for it.

Companies Can Communicate Directly With Consumers

Smartphones are about communication, so take advantage of this feature by communicating with your customers directly. One method is via direct messaging to customers who sign up to receive special offers and coupons. This is a perfect way to reach people who already like your product or service.

A second way to interact with your customers is with social media. Smartphones make checking social media sites a breeze, and 52 percent of marketers have found a customer through Facebook. Being active on social media makes your business more personable, allows you to talk to specific customers, and allows customers to interact with you on a personal level. Of course, the easiest way to do this is on your own smartphone. Sites like businessmobiles.co.uk help you find the most affordable options.

Ads Are Location-Based

Location-based advertising is one of the best forms of mobile marketing because it targets customers in your area. For example, if someone is shopping at a store and is using a mobile app with location-based advertising, ads or coupons pop up for that same store or similar stores in the area. If that customer is in your store and gets a coupon for your store, they are more inclined to buy something. However, if they are in your store and get a coupon for a similar, nearby store, they'll probably take the better deal.

Use these location-based ads to keep current customers by promoting your business and offering coupons to individuals who just wander in. These ads can also generate brand new customers; a consumer in the area might not even know you exist until they get an ad or coupon for your business.

Videos Are Still Important

Video advertising isn't new. Even before the internet, you watched commercials on your television. Today, video ads are just as important as ever, but instead of only appearing on your television, they appear on your website too.

Video advertising works because it creates a more personal connection. You can convey emotion and capture attention better. Having a video on your website's landing page hooks customers and makes them more likely to continue shopping or reading about your company.

Businesses must conform to meet the evolving needs and demands of society, and only through change can your business continue to reach your customers. Start reaching more consumers today by examining your marketing campaign and identifying the mobile marketing gaps.

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