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Facebook's Powerful New Audience Insight Tool - What, Where, and How

Facebook's Powerful New Audience Insight Tool - What, Where, and How Katya Constantine
In order to make it easier to research and understand your target audience, Facebook recently enhanced the Audience Insights Tool. Previously, audience segmentation was only possible in the Power Editor or Ad Creation Tool and the resulting information was not extremely detailed. Now you can target your audience and easily discover insights about it before creating your first ad!

To get started – select Audience Insights from Ad Manager and decide whether to target your Facebook fans or all Facebook users (or a previously created custom audience). The basic details about your audience can be set once this decision is made.

In our example we want to create an audience for a new organic health food product. To start, we select individuals “25 years or older” in the United States. Under interests we add “health food” and “organic food”. The tool immediately reflects our selections and shows how our audience compares to Facebook’s as a whole.

Audience Insights Tool 1

With this basic information set, there are many options for additional filters such as financial information, political leanings and life events. In our example we select individuals with an income of $50,000 or higher, further refining our audience.

Audience Insights Tool 2

Once filters are set, it is easy to view detailed information about your target audience. The top of the page lists the audience size along with tabs containing detailed information:

  • Demographics: Age, gender, relationship status and education

  • Page Likes: Categories and top pages liked by audience

  • Location: Geographic location of audience

  • Activity: Frequency of Facebook activities and device usage

  • Household: Income, home ownership and household size

  • Purchase: Retail spending and online purchase behavior

Audience Insights Tool 3

For each category the tool shows how the audience compares to Facebook’s as a whole, helping you craft your campaign. In our example, users are much more likely to be on both desktop and mobile devices. This demonstrates the need for ads which show up on multiple devices.

Audience Insights Tool 4

Once you are satisfied with your new audience, create an ad immediately or save the custom audience for future use.  The platform also allows you to research what your competitors’ audiences looks like, or even create a potential segment that’s based on customers who like a competing product.

With little effort, this new tool can provide insightful information as you develop your campaigns. It is easy to conduct audience research before making decisions about ad copy and creative. This allows you to hyper target the ad content based on insights provided by Facebook.

Katya Constantine is a seasoned online marketer with over 11 years of experience. She has developed a uniquely comprehensive background in email and omni-channel marketing for large online brands. Most recently, she was at Expedia and Amazon,...

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