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Attribution marketing: Stop looking for "the answer"

Attribution marketing: Stop looking for "the answer" Lori Luechtefeld
Weaving proper attribution throughout your marketing plan is vital -- but how can your brand do it? In a presentation at the iMedia Commerce Summit, Charlie Cole, CEO of The Line, informed attendees that he didn't have the answer to that question -- because the answer for every brand is different.

That said, there are some basic tactics that companies can implement to help tailor their attribution practices to the needs of their businesses.

"Attribution isn't just about marketing channels," Cole said. Rather, it's about devices. It's about location. It's everything, he noted. Brands today have the ability to sell products in a contextually relevant way. The trick, Cole said, is to think beyond your media and analytics strategies. When thinking about attributional marketing, you need to think of your web property as a holistic tool and then tailor it based on the data that consumers provide.

That's the approach being taken today at The Line, a modern retail company that combines rich editorial storytelling with immersive online and offline retail experiences. The Line follows customers throughout their online journey and waits to them to indicate what they want from the brand -- and when. As such, attribution at every step of the journey is key to The Line's marketing approach.

Your brand might not have an average order value of more than $500 like The Line does. But your customers are talking to you via their actions. Are you listening? More importantly, are you reacting?

Lori Luechtefeld is publisher of iMedia Connection. She came to iMedia in July 2008 from Canon Communications, where she served as managing editor of an executive-level business magazine in the medical technology field. Prior to joining Canon, Lori...

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