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SEO and Content Marketing, and How They Work Hand in Hand

SEO and Content Marketing, and How They Work Hand in Hand iMedia Editors
When it comes to online marketing, it is important to grab the attention of people and search engines. In order for businesses to do that right, it takes a concerted focus on both search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, and it is important for businesses to understand the difference.

While both go hand in hand, simply creating content will not take care of all SEO tasks. There is much more to attaining a visible online presence than just that. SEO helps businesses cast a wider net. Content marketing helps in converting traffic into sales.

Content Marketing to Get the Word Out

SEO incorporates everything on your website. While content marketing should involve an SEO-driven keyword strategy, it is also the aspect of your marketing that should work to engage your audience. It needs to be engaging and educational all at once.

Here is an example of a few content marketing-related platforms and strategies:

• Blogging

• Video

• Social media

• White papers

• eBooks

• Web page content

• Content curation

• Infographics (cool read about how inforagphics are accelerating online marketing efforts.)

It is important to think long and hard about the strategy that you want to use for your business in creating content. Chances are, it is how customers will find your website online. It is also important to consider how your business will share content online.

As mentioned above, content curation is a way to generate conversation around already existing content. If there are industry articles (from non-competitors) already in existence online, it may make sense to share them and generate conversation around them.

Businesses should spend a considerable amount of time on their website content. This is an area of high visibility, and can often be the determining factor in whether or not a customer will buy. Traffic is important, but it is often the written content on various pages that will drive a customer to purchase.

Blogging may be the easiest way for businesses to reach their audience regularly. It is a way for businesses to publish helpful articles that appeal to people considering their services. Each blog is also indexed in the search engines as a page, and serves as a window into the website.

Video also tends to have a high visibility. Visual learners may click on videos in order to learn more about your industry.

It is important to pick a content strategy that makes the most sense for your business. Make sure to consider where the audience is. Do they have a heavy social media presence? Are they visual learners? Will they want to know about various tips and tricks that you can write about in your blog? This is important information to know.

SEO to Widen Your Audience

Your SEO efforts can support your content marketing. SEO covers a broader range of activities all designed to generate more visibility within the search engines, so that more people are exposed to your content and therefore your business.

A few SEO related tasks include:

• Implementing the correct Google Authorship markup.

• Ensuring that the site is being indexed by all search engines correctly.

• Making sure that the website is coded in an SEO friendly style, paying attention to alt tags and title tags.

• Creating keyword-driven content that engages your audience, and also increases your business’s visibility.

• Monitoring website analytics to ensure that the site is increasing in visibility and seeing improved traffic and conversions as a result.

SEO is the groundwork that supports the rest of your marketing efforts by ensuring that your business can stay visible and relevant in the online world. Chicago based Digital Third Coast has put out some excellent case studies on the benefits of SEO. Both content marketing and SEO are increasingly important in an online world, so businesses need to make sure they are capitalizing on both.

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