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The future of enterprise digital marketing through streaming video

The future of enterprise digital marketing through streaming video Colin Osing
Enterprises today are adopting online video with unprecedented enthusiasm. In just a few years, enterprise video streaming has grown from almost nothing to an average of 11 hours a day and this trend is expected to grow.

Online video allows marketers to engage customers and increase credibility like no other medium. Yet, despite the widespread use of streaming video, it is young - methodology and best practices for this market are still being developed and tested.

Today enterprise marketers must look to the future of digital marketing through streaming video and consider what tools will be required to push the boundaries of this medium.

Targeted Video Campaigns

The rapid uptake of video across enterprises and the pace of development suggest that digital video marketing will be much more advanced in the future than the early attempts we see today. It will redefine itself and become increasingly reliant on custom content creation, personalization, intelligent delivery, tailored calls to action (CTA) and the measurement of segmented campaigns to further drive engagement and maximize ROI.

These targeted campaigns will be measured and monitored with advanced video metrics, and quickly refined through the seamless integration of video production and deployment tools.

New Levels of Customization Advance Viewer Engagement

Today, enterprise marketers require the ability to generate massive amounts of video content in numerous formats: video advertisements, product profiles, demonstrations, testimonials, press releases, training modules and more.

In the future, this diverse range of video content will be further segmented to speak directly to audiences based on consumer demographics, geo-targeting or stage-based marketing rules.  Deeper integration with Marketing Automation Platforms and CRM tools will continue to increase the identification of audience segments and sub-segments and further drive the need for content customization.

At the same time, in order to meet the accelerating demand for unique video content, new business models based on advancing technology, crowdsourcing and cloud-based operations will lower production costs and increase speed of delivery. These will allow more frequent and more intelligent distribution of segmented video campaigns. It is this new level of customization that will advance viewer engagement.

Smart Delivery of Video Targets Unique Audiences

Smart delivery of video campaigns will enable marketers to reach targeted market segments across multiple devices and provide best-in-class search and discovery tools embedded in the video itself (including metadata, keywords, tags and transcripts).

Additionally, social networking, sharing functionality and unique CTA in the form of annotations, overlays, linear messaging or branding features will be intelligently accompanied with each video. As seen with traditional communications, segmenting and targeting CTA delivers dramatic results and increases viewer engagement. Thus, adding this new level of targeting to video campaigns will become essential.

Measure, Monitor and Adapt

While ensuring targeted delivery and segmentation, enterprise campaigns must also have the ability to monitor, measure, and report on video engagement. It will no longer be enough to measure a video with basic website analytics. Marketers must go deeper. By knowing when a video has been shared, viewed, partially-viewed or engaged with, marketers will gain greater insight into the content’s performance. This understanding of viewer behavior will help turn underperforming campaigns into dynamic and engaging content through quick and efficient editing and refinement of the video itself.

Marketers who can leverage these new technological advances and digital video marketing methodologies for enterprises will find greater success across campaigns, recognize considerable growth in engagement and maximize ROI.

Colin Osing has been marketing products & solutions in cloud-based businesses and online media since 1999 working at both startups and enterprise-level businesses. He is currently VP of Marketing at SoMedia Networks,...

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