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Hoot, weave, and flow: Isn't it time you app'lified your life?

Hoot, weave, and flow: Isn't it time you app'lified your life? Chontelle Sundborn
Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just...haven't?

Matt Cutts will be famous to many as an engineer and spokesperson for Google, but his TED Talk "Try something new for 30 days" gives an insight into the man rather than the engineer. Matt tries something new for 30 days – an attainable, inspiring approach to achieving goals.

We watched Matt’s TED Talk here at Infotools, and took on the challenge. We were forever hearing about great new apps for smartphones and browsers, so our 30 days were spent trying them out, and these were our top picks:


If you haven't got an internet banner ad blocker yet, get AdBlock. Advertisers will hate you though.

Silent Time

Smartphone notifications are great, except at night/at work. Schedule Silent Time for a good night's sleep.

Strict Workflow

Beat procrastination with Strict Workflow. Divides your day into 25-minute work phases and 5-minute breaks. Facebook is blocked until breaks!


I am impressed by Bizzabo for conference organisers and delegates. Perfect LinkedIn integration and timetable hosting.

IE Tab

Love Google Chrome but need Internet Explorer from time to time? No prob. Try the IE Tab extension - it's a little IE within Chrome.

Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio

Awesome internet radio apps. iHeart does real radio, and lets you create stations. Spotify cleverly predicts what I’d like. However, I use Pandora which is free on my phone.


Create meeting notes and to-do lists on the fly, and have them sync between phone and computer. I’ve stopped using paper notebooks since discovering Evernote!


Love HootSuite for social media publishing, because I can jump between my foodie and my marketing/research (@TuesdaySue) personas. But when will Google+ allow such tools?


Want to establish a good habit? The iPhone app Lift provides a habit- forming reminder that is a non-intrusive, simple interface that encourages you to track your progress.


Weave is a productivity app that allows you to make to-do lists and assign them to projects. You can share actions with others, and it tracks time and project status.


Optimise your attendance at events. Track upcoming conferences, mark your attendance and notify your Twitter contacts. Great to keep abreast of what events are happening within your circle of interest.


I like Evernote, but still prefer Simplenote as my go-to note app. It’s a simple interface for the myriad of things I want to jot down and remember.

Chontelle is passionate about creating and working in a happy healthy team environment, Chontelle subscribes to the statement ‘Love what you do, do what you love.’ Currently the development operations manager at Infotools, Chontelle also...

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