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Kiiping up with Brian Wong @ SXSW

Kiiping up with Brian Wong @ SXSW 44381
Being part of the iMedia "street team" at SXSW, it was great to connect Brian Wong, co-founder and CEO of Kiip (pronounced “keep”), a category-creating mobile rewards network that is redefining mobile advertising through an innovative platform that leverages “moments of achievement” in games and apps to simultaneously benefit users, developers, and advertisers. Backed by American Express, Interpublic Group, Hummer Winblad, Relay Ventures, True Ventures, Verizon, and others, the company has raised $15.4 million in funding to date. Kiip has been listed by Forbes as one of the "4 Hot Online Ad Companies to Put on Your Watch List" and been named to the Dow Jones FASTech50 List.

Q: What surprised you about this year's SXSW experience?

A: That we were blessed with tons of rain again. Boo! Just kidding -- the biggest surprise was that the tempo and the beat just hasn’t slowed down at all. It was more vibrant than ever, more and more parties and more and more people. I’ve been to four consecutive SXSWs so far -- this one felt like the biggest, with the most noise.

Q: What was the best part of your time at SXSW?

A: Our party with Biz Markie of course. But on top of that, it was spending time with old friends that I met here four years ago -- and also spending time with our clients and to be inspired with them.

Q: How do you navigate the events there?

A: I’m a part of a few GroupMe’s with friends who share the latest with what’s hot and what’s not. I also dump all the event invites I get onto my calendar and choose the ones I feel are the most relevant or strategic.

Q: What did people who couldn't attend this year miss?

A: Mainly, missing the people. So many folks come here; it’s a great meeting spot for senior people from across the country. I love taking that opportunity!

I couldn't agree more with Brian that SXSW was a place to connect.  In the sea of invitations, I appreciate that Brian chose to connect at the iMedia sponsored Crowdtap party.

If you have senior leadership from your brand and agency teams who would like to join any of our future iMedia Summits and get access to future-thinking leaders, please contact me at [email protected]


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