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Rise of the Clones - Flappy Bird Breeds Everything From Flappy Wings to Flappy Schappelle!

Rise of the Clones - Flappy Bird Breeds Everything From Flappy Wings to Flappy Schappelle! Dale Carr
One month after Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen took his global sensation off the app store over 1000 clones have copied him. The app store has been inundated with replicas and clones of the app which has changed the face of mobile gaming.

We haven’t seen anything like this for quite some time. Clones and exact replicas of Flappy Bird have now taken over the app store with apps like Flappy Wings, Flappy Rainbow, Flappy Star, Falling Bird –Son of Flappy and even Flappy Schapelle making the app stores top 100.

It would appear that Dong Nguyen – the creator of Flappy Bird wasn’t motivated to do a copyright claim as so many people have ripped him off. All the Flappy Bird clones out there are using Dongs exact design, mechanics and overall idea of Flappy Bird.

Important to note that although Dong didn’t register his copyright, he still has copyright protection in Australia and other countries. Many of these app companies are in breach. We will be following the story to see how it transpires and report as more news becomes available.

Dong is still earning over $50,000 a day in ads from Flappy Bird and his Juggling app, so don’t cry for him.

I was recently interviewed by Joel Holmes, morning Wake Up host for RadioWest in Australia.  You can listen to the radio piece on the LeadBolt blog.

  Dale Carr is the Founder, CEO and President of Leadbolt. A thriving entrepreneur, Dale Carr has been directly involved in the technology industry since the tender age of 12 when he wrote his first program on the 8086. Realizing the overall...

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