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Why do Consumers "Kill" Brands via Social Media?

Why do Consumers "Kill" Brands via Social Media? Adam Rossow
We work with  a lot of brands who put a great deal of time and effort into social – as  do many of their customers. One thing that’s so interesting to us and painful for them centers around negative comments, and there’s plenty to go around. Posting something negative requires effort, so we can assume that these individuals feel mistreated, upset or discouraged in some way. But what does posting do for them? What do they expect? We asked some of our readers weigh in (gasp) quantitatively, with some interesting results:

Adam heads marketing for iModerate, has been a core member of the executive team since the company's inception, and has been integral to shaping the iModerate brand and product lines. His longstanding background in public relations and integrated...

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