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DigitasLBi: The Original NewFront Goes #Fearless

DigitasLBi: The Original NewFront Goes #Fearless iMedia Editors
The theme of the DigitasLBi #NewFront was, "Fearless: How I led a brand to success in the age of uncertainty," with online content as a vehicle. It was a mix of Ted-like inspirational content, and a more traditionally formatted NewFront with talent and original content. Quite inspirational!

Two exciting announcements include DigitasLBi's partnership with BuzzFeed and Epic Digital. Said Tony Weisman, CEO of DigitasLBi North America, "Our deals with BuzzFeed and Epic Digital are fearless investments in creativity. We've cast a wide net to find the best content available from around the globe to tell stories that need to be told."

The "BuzzFeed In-Residence" @ DigitasLBi program places members of the BuzzFeed Brand Team weekly inside DigitasLBi's New York office, where they will be "available to assist in real-time content creation and instant reaction to breaking news, trends and popular culture along with analysis of social content." Such a smart partnership. BuzzFeed is doing things differently when it comes to shareable content. Aligning the agency with this innovative approach is a smart move for DigitasLBi.

Epic Digital, a non-fiction publisher which was founded by Joshuah Bearman and Joshua Davis, award-winning journalists with over 20 film and television projects in development with major Hollywood studios and actors. The exclusive partnership with DigitasLBi positions the agency as "the first and only agency to gain monthly 'first look' access to Epic Digital's developing global editorial content." Additionally, the agency will tap their talent to create brand briefs for clients based on Epic's stories.

Some of the great speakers included:

  • Meredith Vieira – Emmy-winning TV Journalist and host of the soon-to-launch @MeredithShow

  • Jason Silva – Philosopher & TV Personality; premiered “Radical Openness” at TED Global 2012

  • Eli Pariser – Co-Founder, Upworthy; well-known for running MoveOn.org

  • Harley Morenstein – Creator & Host, Epic Meal Time

  • Daniel Roth – Executive Editor, LinkedIn

  • Ivan Wicksteed – SVP & Global Chief Marketing Officer for Old Navy

  • Henry Blodget – Former top-ranked Wall Street analyst who reinvented himself and is now Co-Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Business Insider

  • Helena Foulkes – President of CVS, who discussed the brand’s decision to stop selling cigarettes

It was a great lineup and a nice spin on format and content, which differentiated DigitasLBi (the founders of NewFronts) in a week of far-too-similar NewFront events.

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