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Moving from Like Ads to Promoted Posts? How to Keep Likes Rolling In

Moving from Like Ads to Promoted Posts? How to Keep Likes Rolling In iMedia Editors
Social media marketers have seen their organic Facebook Page post reach tumble this year. While organic reach early last year was at best 16% for Page posts- according to a study by Edgerank Checker organic reach has steadily tumbled and is now at best 6%. At the same time, Facebook saw huge Q1 profits. This is no coincidence.

Facebook has changed the game, now in order for brands to have any reach at all budget must be allocated to Promoted Posts. Marketers have had to change tactics to keep up, either dramatically increasing ad spend or moving budget from like ads to promoted posts. While promoted posts have their merits, bringing new likes to a brand page is not one.

It’s a good time to rethink Facebook page growth strategy. A simple way to keep Facebook Page likes rolling in is to turn to a regular, ongoing blogger outreach campaign. Bloggers drive likes as part of giveaway campaigns and also are a great way to drive participation (and likes) in a Facebook sweepstakes.

Instead of emailing bloggers one by one, marketers can streamline their blogger outreach campaign using a platform, such as Sverve, which takes the same amount of time as creating a simple Facebook ad like campaign.

Shifting budget away from like ads and towards blogger outreach will not only drive page growth, but also increase followings on other valuable social platforms like Pinterest.

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